Kyrgyzstani Constitutional referendum Results Voting 2016 Live by regions provinces Dates Opinion Poll Voter turnout Issues December 11

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Kyrgyzstani Constitutional referendum Results Voting 2016 Live by regions provinces Dates Opinion Poll Voter turnout Issues

Kyrgyzstani constitutional referendum 2016 Results (These are preliminary results provided by the CEC.)

  1. Kyrgyzstan voted in favour of constitutional changes boosting the power of its government:EC
  2. The constitutional amendments were approved by around 80% of voters.
  3. 42% of eligible voters cast ballots (nearly 1.2 million people)
  4. The amendments allow the prime minister to appoint and dismiss Cabinet ministers and regional governors without consulting the president. The prime minister will also have a decisive say in shaping the government budget.
  5. The amendments also envisage a ban on same-sex marriages.
  6. Turnout in the oblasts was as follows:

  1. Bishkek – 43.4 percent;
  2. Jalal-Abad oblast – 45.94 percent;
  3. Batken oblast – 42 percent;
  4. Issyk-Kul oblast – 39 percent;
  5. Talas oblast – 48.4 percent;
  6. Naryn oblast – 46.14 percent;
  7. Chui oblast – 38.32 percent;
  8. Osh oblast – 43 percent;
  9. Osh – 28.44 percent;
  10. Polling stations abroad – 6.41 percent.
Choice Votes %
For 950,440 83.72
Against 184,816 16.28
Invalid/blank votes 60,182
Total 1,200,438 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,851,952 42.09


Kyrgyzstani constitutional referendum 2016 Dates

Kyrgyzstani Constitutional referendum Dates has been declared as 11 december 20116 and live voting will take place morning 7 am onwards.The Kyrgyzstani Constitutional referendum Results are expected by 12 december 2016 Live by regions provinces Voter turnout.

Facts & Figures

Government: Constitutional republic

National name: Kyrgyz Respublikasy

Languages: Kyrgyz (official) 64.7%, Uzbek 13.6%, Russian (official) 12.5%, Dungun 1%, other 8.2% (1999 census)

Ethnicity/race: Kyrgyz 64.9%, Uzbek 13.8%, Russian 12.5%, Dungan 1.1%, Ukrainian 1%, Uygur 1%, other 5.7% (1999)

Religions: Islam 75%; Russian Orthodox 20%; other 5%

Population and number of registered voters:

·         Population: 5,727,553 (July 2016 est.)

·         Registered Voters: 2,647,533 (2015)

Proposed changes

The proposed changes to the constitution include increasing the powers of the Prime Minister and Supreme Council, as well as making reforms to the judicial system.They have been put forward by five parties.
The constitutional changes proposed by five political parties would widen the powers of the prime minister and parliament and reform the judicial system.

Under the 2010 constitution, the presidential term is six years, but re-election is barred.

According to local experts, the proposed changes to the Constitution will also severely weaken the role of the Parliament, which will be limited in its right to issue mistrust in the government and dissolve it. This will indeed throw the country back to 2010 and will jeopardize all its previous aspirations to become Central Asia’s only parliamentary democracy.


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