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Mongolia Presidential election 2017 Results Voting Live Dates Opinion Exit Poll

Mongolia Presidential election Dates 2017

Mongolia Presidential election Date: 26 June 2017

On June 26 2017, more than 2,050,000 Mongolians will be electing a new president. Mongolians living abroad will vote at embassies and consulates on June 10/11.

Incumbent Pres. Ts Elbegdorj will not be running for re-election as he has been president for two terms. Only parties represented in the Ikh Khural can nominate candidates which implies a two-way race between an MPP and a DP-nominated candidate, though the MPRP may also nominate a candidate. The General Election Commission will announce candidates before May 17


Mongolia Presidential election Results Live 2017

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Electoral system of Mongolia

Elections in Mongolia gives information on elections and election results inMongolia.

Mongolia elects its head of state—the President of Mongolia—at the national level. The president is elected for a four-year term by the people, using the Two-round system. The State Great Khural (Ulsyn Ikh KhuralState Great Assembly) has 76 members, originally elected for a four-year term from single-seat constituencies. Due to the voting system, Mongolia experienced extreme shifts in the composition of the parliament after the 1996, 2000, and 2004 elections, so it has changed to a more proportional system in which some seats are filled on the basis of votes for local candidates, and some on the basis of nationwide party preference totals. Beginning in 2008, local candidates were elected from 26 electoral districts. Beginning with the 2012 elections, a parallel system was enacted, combining a district part and a nationwide proportional part. 48 seats are chosen at the local level in 26 districts with 1-3 seats usingPlurality-at-large voting. 28 seats are chosen from nationwide closed party listsusing the Largest remainder method. In the district seats, a candidate is required to get at least 28% of the vote cast in a district to be elected. If there are seats that are not filled due to this threshold, a runoff election is held in the respective district with twice the number of representatives as there are seats to be filled, between the top vote-getters of the first round.[

Candidates for Presidential election 2017

  • Nambaryn Enkhbayar – Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party – former President (2005–2009) and current leader of the MPRP
  • Miyeegombyn Enkhbold – Mongolian People's Party – MP, former Prime Minister of Mongolia (2006–2007), current Speaker of the State Great Khuraland current leader of the MPP
  • Khaltmaa Battulga – Democratic Party – former MP

                        Mongolia Parties and leaders

  • Brief history of MPRP, MPP, MNDP, MSDP, DU, MDP, PCW.
  • Mongolia People's Revolutionary Party, before 2010.
  • Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, since 2011.
  • Mongolia People's Party.
  • Motherland Democratic Coalition.
  • Motherland Party.
  • Democratic Party.
  • Mongolian Social Democratic Party ("old" MSDP and "new" MSDP reg. in 2005)

Mongolia Presidential election Results

 Summary of the 26 June 2013 Mongolian presidential election results





Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

Democratic Party



Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene

Mongolian People's Party



Natsagiin Udval

Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party



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