Afghan parliamentary Election 2018 voting live

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Afghanistan parliamentary Election 2018 Results Voting Live

Afghanistan parliamentary Election Election Dates 2018

Afghanistan parliamentary Election Date: 20 October 2018

Parliamentary elections were scheduled to be held in Afghanistan on 15 October 2016, to elect members of the House of the People, but were postponed to 7 July 2018 and then again to 20 October 2018. Much of the prelude to the election has focused on the debate over reforming Afghanistan's electoral laws. The current system is one of single non-transferable vote.

Afghanistan parliamentary Election Voting Live 2018 

1. Afgan Parliamentary Elections will be held on 20th October 2018.

2. Govt Considers SMTV System For Elections

3. Afghan bid to weed out suspect candidates spells more election trouble

Electoral system of Afghanistan

A group of influential political parties have called for a change to the electoral system. This emerged out of the ongoing dispute between one of the parties, predominantly Tajik Jamiat-e Islami, and the presidential palace over the contested dismissal of Balkh Governor Atta Muhammad Nur. The group wants political parties to have a greater role in elections. Previous attempts at getting this have failed due to a lack of consensus, and the electoral system remained unchanged. Moreover, this new attempt at changing the electoral system has come very late. AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili takes a close look at the political parties’ demand and its impact on preparations for the upcoming elections (with input from Thomas Ruttig). 

This is part five of a series of dispatches about preparations for the elections. Part one dealt with political aspects and part two dealt with an initial set of technical problems: the date, the budget and the debate regarding the use of biometric technology. Part three dealt with the dilemmas over electoral constituencies. Part four dealt with controversies around the appointment of a new member of the Independent Election Commission, following the president’s dismissal of its chairman.

Afghanistan parties and leaders


Party                                   –                            Leader

Jamiat-e Islami                    –                 Salahuddin Rabbani

PIUPA                                 –                 Mohammad Mohaqiq

Junbish                                –                 Abdul Rashid Dostum

Afghanistan 2018 Election results

The preliminary results will be released within 20 days of the election, and the final results by 20 December 2018 ​


Afghanistan past election results 


Party Vote Seats
Votes % ±pp Won +/−
  Independents 4,030,227 100.00 ±0.00 249 ±0
Total 4,030,227 100.00   249 ±0
Valid votes 4,030,227 95.58    
Invalid ballots 186,367 4.42  
Votes cast / turnout 4,216,594 40.94  
Abstentions 6,083,406 60.87  
Registered voters 10,300,000  

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