Lithuanian Presidential Election 2019 Voting Live

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Lithuanian Presidential Election 2019 Voting Live

Lithuanian Presidential Election 2019 Voting Live

Lithuanian General Election 2019 Date: 12 May 2019 

Presidential elections were held in Lithuania on 12 May 2019, with a second round to be held on 26 May 2019. Incumbent president Dalia Grybauskaitė is term-limited. No candidate obtained 50% of the vote in the first round, so a second round will be held with the top two candidates, Ingrida Šimonytė and Gitanas Nausėda.

Voters in Lithuania elect members of the parliament, the president, members of the municipal councils and mayors, as well as delegates to the European Parliament. Lithuanian citizens can also vote in mandatory or consultative referendums.

71 of the members in the 141-seat parliament, elected to a four-year term, are elected in single-seat constituencies, in a majority vote. The remaining 70 members are elected in a nationwide election based on proportional representation. The structure of the elections means that a large number of parties is represented in the parliament and coalition governments are common. The head of the state – the president – is elected to a five-year term in a majority vote, with the president eligible for up to two terms in office. More than 1500 municipal council members are elected in local elections to four-year terms, with the majority of the seats allocated using proportional representation and the mayors elected directly by residents in a majority vote. The Lithuanian representatives in the European Parliament, currently numbering 11, are elected using proportional representation every five years.

Voting in elections is generally open to all citizens of Lithuania who are at least 18 years of age. Citizens of other European Union countries that permanently reside in Lithuania can vote in the Lithuanian elections to the European Parliament. Voting in municipal elections is open to all residents of Lithuania, regardless of their citizenship.

The voting process is organized by the Central Electoral Commission and subordinate electoral bodies and is monitored by local and international observers. The voters vote in a secret ballot and the elections have generally been assessed as free and fair, although allegations of irregularities have been common.


Lithuanian General Election Voting Live 2019

1. Lithuanian Presidential Election 2019 will be done on 12 May 2019.

2. Nine candidates to run for the presidency in Lithuania.

3. Leaders change places in a new poll of Lithuanian presidential elections.

The electoral system of Lithuania

The President is elected by absolute majority vote to serve up to two five-year terms. If no candidate wins an absolute majority of the votes with at least 50% turnout or receives votes equal to at least one-third of all registered voters, the election goes to a second round between the top two candidates.

Lithuania election results 2019

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Ingrida Šimonytė Independent 441,860 31.21    
Gitanas Nausėda Independent 437,925 30.93    
Saulius Skvernelis Independent 278,493 19.67  
Vytenis Andriukaitis Social Democratic Party of Lithuania 67,758 4.79
Arvydas Juozaitis Independent 66,423 4.69
Valdemar Tomaševski Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania 56,398 3.98
Mindaugas Puidokas Independent 36,538 2.58
Naglis Puteikis Lithuanian Centre Party 11,204 0.79
Valentinas Mazuronis Independent 9,157 0.65
Invalid/blank votes 9,893 0.70    
Total 1,415,649 100    
Registered voters/turnout 2,486,917 56.80  

Lithuania Parties and leaders


Party  Candidate
Lithuanian Centre Party Naglis Puteikis
Independent Valentinas Mazuronis
Independent Gitanas Nausėda
Independent Arvydas Juozaitis
Independent Ingrida Šimonytė
Social Democratic Party of Lithuania Vytenis Andriukaitis
Social Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis
Independent Mindaugas Puidokas

Lithuania past election results 

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Dalia Grybauskaitė Independent 612,485 45.92 701,999 57.90
Zigmantas Balčytis Social Democratic Party 181,659 13.62 486,214 40.10
Artūras Paulauskas Labour Party 160,139 12.01  
Naglis Puteikis Independent 124,333 9.32
Valdemar Tomaševski Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania 109,659 8.22
Artūras Zuokas YES 69,677 5.22
Bronis Ropė Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union 55,263 4.14
Invalid/blank votes 20,451 1.53 24,161 1.99
Total 1,333,666 100 1,212,374 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,553,335 52.23 2,559,398 47.37

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