Macedonian Parliamentary election Exit Poll 2016 Results Voting Live

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Macedonia Parliamentary election Exit Poll 2016 Results Voting Live

Macedonia Parliamentary election 2016 Dates Schedule

Early parliamentary elections were held in Macedonia in on 11 December 2016 . Election monitors Most Association said early Monday it could not estimate the number of seats each party had won because the result was too close to call.

Macedonia's Ruling party VMRO-DPMNE led by ex-PM Nikola Gruevski has won 51 of 120 seats in parliament whereas the opposition Party Social Democrats lead by Zoran Zaev won 49 seats in a close elections.

Macedonian Parliamentary election Results 2016 Live have been declared by EC. Macedonia Election Results Live Counting is taking place and VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM are very close. Macedonian election results final results have been declared by Election Commission. With 99.7% of votes counted, the SEC put former PM Nikola Gruevski’s VMRO on 38.06 percent and the Social Democrats on 36.69 percent. The Exit Poll says VMRO-DPMNE would be winning. Live Voting has ended for Parliamentary elections and Results declared Population (as of May 27, 2015) – 2,091,719

Macedonia Parliamentary election Results 2016 Live (66.98% voter turnout)

Party Votes % Seats +/–
VMRO-DPMNE coalition 454,253 38.12 51 −10
Social Democratic Union coalition 436,790 36.66 49 +15
Democratic Union for Integration 86,848 7.29 10 −9
Besa Movement 57,933 4.86 5 New
Alliance for Albanians – Different 35,145 3.05 3 New
Democratic Party of Albanians 31,027 2.69 2 −5
VMRO–People's Party 24,505 2.12 0 0
The Left 12,120 1.05 0 New
CCJ–Third Block 10,029 0.87 0 New
Liberal Party 3,840 0.33 0 0
Party for Democratic Prosperity 1,142 0.10 0 0
Invalid/blank votes 37,871
Total 1,191,521 100 120 −3
Registered voters/turnout 1,784,416 66.82
Source: SEC (99.97% of votes counted)

Macedonia Parliamentary election 2016 Live Exit Poll 

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  2. Exit Polls would be released as soon as the voting gets over at 7 PM.
  3. Nearly 1.8 million registered voters are eligible to choose 123 lawmakers for the single-chamber parliament. Three seats are reserved for Macedonians living abroad. Polls close at 7 p.m
  4. This is country's fourth snap elections since 2008 in 3,480 polling stations and 46 abroad.
  5. According to the electoral commission, 1,092 candidates are contesting for 123 seats.
  6. The elections are being held two years ahead of schedule, in accordance with the agreement to end the crisis that has marred the political scene in recent months
  7. Preliminary declarations by the parties are expected at around midnight, with first indications from the electoral committee on Monday and a final result not before Tuesday.
  8. Recent polls put the VMRO-DPMNE in the lead. Up to a third of voters are undecided.
  9. The vote will be monitored by 667 international observers and 7,585 domestic observer.
  10. Gruevski, 46, is hoping to secure a majority of 63 seats for his coalition by promising to create 70,000 new jobs and lower the unemployment rate from 24 percent to 17 percent.

Electoral system

Of the 123 seats in the Assembly of the Republic, 120 are elected from six 20-seat constituencies in Macedonia using closed list proportional representation, with seats allocated using the d'Hondt method. The remaining three seats are single-member constituencies elected by first-past-the-post representing Macedonians living abroad, with one for Europe and Africa, one for the Americas and one for Asia and Australia.

Opinion Poll of Macedonia Election 2016

If parliamentary elections were held tomorrow, 23.5 per cent of respondents would vote for the VMRO-DPMNE, followed by the opposition Social Democrats, SDSM, with 13 per cent, according to a telephone poll by the Institute for Political Research.

Macedonia's largest ethnic Albanian Party, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, would secure 7 per cent of the vote. The second largest ethnic Albanian Party, the Democratic Party of the Albanians, DPA, which is part of the ruling coalition, received the support of 3.2 per cent of respondents, while 27.7 per cent said they would not vote and 20.8 per cent failed to give an answer.



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