Monaco National Council election 2018 voting live

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Monaco National Council election 2018 Results Voting Live

Monaco National Council election Dates 2018

Monaco National Council election Date: 28 February 2018

The National Council (French: Conseil National) is the parliament (legislative body) of the Principality of Monaco. The body is composed of twenty-four members, who are elected from lists by universal suffrage. Councilors serve for five-year terms, and though it may act independently of the Prince, he may dissolve it at any time, provided that new elections be held within three months.

The Council meets at least twice per year to vote on the country's budget and bills proposed by the prince's government. Ordinances (executive orders) are debated in the Council of Government, and once approved, must be submitted to the prince within eighty days for his signature, which makes them legally enforceable. If he does not express opposition within ten days of submission, they become valid. The current president of the national council is Christophe Steiner (NM, R&E).

Monaco National Council election Voting Live 2018 

1.Monaco elects on national level a legislature (parliament). The National Council (Conseil National) has 24 members, elected for a five-year term, 16 elected by a winner-take-all plurality system, and the other 8 by proportional representation.

2.Each voter may cast a ballot with up to 16 candidates' names. First, the 16 individuals with the most votes are elected.

3.Votes are counted by party groups to fill the remaining 8 seats. E.g., if a party polled 51% of the votes it would probably win 20 out of 24 seats (all 16 of the winner-take-all seats and then 4 of the 8 proportional seats).

Electoral system of Monaco  

Voters can either choose a party list or choose candidates from various lists ("panachage") for the 24 seats. The 16 candidates with the most votes are elected (with the older candidate breaking possible ties in votes). The eight other seats are chosen from lists in accordance with the proportional representation system for parties that have at least five percent of votes.

Candidates for Monaco National Council election


Monaco Parties and leaders

New Majority
Rally & Issues (Rassemblement & Enjeux)
Synergie Monegasque (Synergie Monégasques)
Union for the Principality (Union pour la Principauté)
Horizon Monaco
Rally & Issues (Rassemblement & Enjeux)
Synergie Monegasque (Synergie Monégasques)
Union for the Principality (Union pour la Principauté)
Union Monégasque
Union of Monaco (Union pour Monaco)
National Union for the Future of Monaco (Union Nationale pour l'Avenir de Monaco)

Monaco past election results 

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Horizon Monaco 56,472 50.34 20 +15
Union Monegasque 43,743 38.99 3 –11
Renaissance 11,964 10.67 1
Invalid/blank votes 222
Total 112,401 100 24 0
Registered voters/turnout 6,825 74.55

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