Portuguese Legislative Election 2019 Voting Live

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Portuguese Legislative Election 2019 Voting Live

Portuguese Legislative Election 2019 Voting Live 

Portuguese Legislative Election Date:  6 October 2019

The Portuguese legislative election of 2019 will be held on 6 October 2019. At stake will be all 230 seats to the Assembly of the Republic.

Portuguese Legislative Election Voting Live 2019

1. Portuguese Legislative Election will be held on 6 October 2019.

2. Portugal splashes the cash ahead of elections-The government is pumping money into railways, airports and urban mobility.

3. Pre-Election Political Infighting Drives Huge Public Sector Strikes in Portugal.

The Electoral system of Portugal

The Parliament of the Portuguese Republic consists of a single chamber, the Assembly of the Republic, composed of 230 members directly elected by universal adult suffrage for a maximum term of four years. Assembly members represent the entire country, rather than the constituencies in which they were elected. Governments do not require absolute majority support of the Assembly to hold office, as even if the number of opposers of government is larger than that of the supporters, the number of opposers still needs to be equal or greater than 116 (absolute majority) for both the Government's Programme to be rejected or for a motion of no confidence to be approved.

Each one of Portugal's eighteen administrative districts, as well as each one of the country's two autonomous regions – the Azores and Madeira – is an electoral constituency. Portuguese voters residing outside the national territory are grouped into two electoral constituencies – Europe and the rest of the world – each one of which elects two Assembly members. The remaining 226 seats are allocated among the national territory constituencies in proportion to their number of registered electors.

Political parties and party coalitions may present lists of candidates. The lists are closed, so electors may not choose individual candidates in or alter the order of such lists. Electors cast a ballot for a single list. The seats in each constituency are apportioned according to the largest average method of proportional representation (PR), conceived by the Belgian mathematician Victor D'Hondt in 1899. Although there is no statutory threshold for participation in the allocation of Assembly seats, the application of the D'Hondt method introduces a de facto threshold at the constituency level.


Portugal Parties and leaders


Name Ideology Leader Current
  PPD/PSD Social Democratic Party
Partido Social Democrata
Liberal conservatism Rui Rio

89 / 230

  CDS-PP CDS – People's Party
Centro Democrático e Social – Partido Popular
Christian democracy Assunção Cristas

18 / 230

  PS Socialist Party
Partido Socialista
Social democracy António Costa

85 / 230

  BE Left Bloc
Bloco de Esquerda
Democratic socialism Catarina Martins

19 / 230

  PCP Portuguese Communist Party
Partido Comunista Português
Communism Jerónimo de Sousa

15 / 230

  PEV Ecologist Party "The Greens"
Partido Ecologista "Os Verdes"
Eco-socialism Heloísa Apolónia

2 / 230

  PAN People-Animals-Nature
Green politics
Animal welfare
André Lourenço e Silva

1 / 230

  Ind. Independent
Paulo Trigo Pereira (left the PS caucus)

1 / 230

Portugal past election results 

Parties Votes %
Portugal Ahead (PSD / CDS–PP) 1,993,504 36.86
Socialist 1,747,730 32.32
Left Bloc 550,945 10.19
Unitary Democratic Coalition 445,901 8.25
Social Democratic 80,841 1.49
People-Animals-Nature 75,170 1.39
Democratic Republican 61,920 1.13
Portuguese Workers' Communist 60,045 1.11
FREE/Time to move forward 39,330 0.73
National Renovator 27,286 0.50
Earth 22,627 0.42
We, the Citizens! 21,382 0.40
Labour / Socialist Alternative (ACT!) 20,793 0.38
People's Monarchist 14,916 0.28
Together for the People 14,275 0.26
United Party of Retirees and Pensioners 13,899 0.26
People's 7,496 0.14
People's / People's Monarchist 3,624 0.07
Christian Democratic and Citizenship 2,685 0.05
Labour 1,744 0.03
Total valid 5,206,113 96.27
Blank ballots 112,955 2.09
Invalid ballots 89,024 1.65
Total (turnout 55.84%) 5,408,092 100.00



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