Switzerland Swiss referendum 2019 Elections Live Updates

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Switzerland Swiss referendum 2019 Elections Live Updates

Several referendums will be held in Switzerland in 2019.

Several national referendums will be held in Switzerland during 2019. Voting will take place on 10 February, 19 May, 20 October and 24 November In February voters will decide on a popular initiative named "Stop the Sprawl – for sustainable development in construction", which would prevent building zones being expanded, with possible exception made for agriculture or public use on the basis that an equivalent amount of land currently classed as building zone would be declassified and rewilded.
The proposal was put forward by the Young Greens in 2015. It was also supported by the Small Farmers Association and the Young Socialists, as well as several environmental organisations, and gathered 113,000 signatures. However, it is opposed by the government, with Environment Minister Doris Leuthard claiming the idea was "too radical, unfair and counterproductive". An opinion poll published in December 2018 showed 63% of voters to be in favour and 29% opposed.

Two referendums were held on 4 March. One was on a Federal Decree on the new Financial Regulation 2021, which would extend the right of the federal government to levy VAT and direct federal tax until 2035; this was approved by 84% of voters. The other was the "Yes to the abolition of radio and television fees" popular initiative, which proposed abolishing the licence fee that provides the majority of funding for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. The proposal was rejected by the Federal Assembly in 2017, and by 72% of voters in the referendum.

Two referendums were held on 10 June; one on the Sovereign Money Initiative proposal and one on the Federal Gambling Act.

The Sovereign Money Initiative proposal aims to give the Swiss National Bank a monopoly on money creation. It was launched by the Monetary Modernisation Association, without the support of any political party. The collection of signatures began on 3 June 2014, and the initiative was submitted to the Federal Chancellery on 1 December 2015 with over 110,000 valid signatures, despite its technical subject and without the support of political parties or other civil society organizations. The Federal Assembly recommended rejecting the initiative.

Live: Switzerland November referendum Result:

There will be one referendum on 27 November 2016. The federal popular initiative "for the programmed phase-out of nuclear energy" (against nuclear power plants) will be submitted to the vote. The initiative dates from 2012, about one year after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan.

Switzerland September referendum Switzerland :

Question For Against Invalid/
Turnout Cantons for Cantons against Result
Votes % Votes % Full Half Full Half
Green economy 819,747 36.4 1,430,251 63.6         1 0 19 6 Rejected
Retirement system 921,058 40.6 1,347,962 59.4       5 0 15 6 Rejected
Federal intelligence law 1,458,827 65.5 768,533 34.5         Approved

Live Switzerland/Swiss referendums 2016 

5 June 2016 Swiss referendum issues:

  1. Swiss voters have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to introduce a guaranteed basic income for all.
  2. Final results from referendum showed that nearly 77% opposed the plan, with only 23% backing it.
  3. The supporters camp had suggested a monthly income of 2,500 Swiss francs (£1,755; $2,555) for adults and also SFr625 for each child.
  4. Switzerland is the first country to hold such a vote.
  5. A proposal to speed up the country's asylum process was backed by nearly 67%
  6. The Pro Service Public initiative proposing that bosses of big public sector companies should not earn more than government ministers – a reflection of dissatisfaction with railways and telecoms provider Swisscom. It was rejected by 68% of the voters
  7. A proposal to allow genetic testing of embryos before they are inserted in the uterus in cases of in-vitro fertilisation, where either parent carries a serious hereditary disease. It was passed, with 62% backing it
  8. Transport financing: An initiative from the car lobby which wants more investment in roads. The government had urged a "No" vote, and it was rejected by 71%.




    Last Federal Election Results

Parties Abbr. Alignment Ideology Votes % +/– (%) Seats % +/– (seats)
  Swiss People's Party SVP/UDC Right-wing National conservatism 648,675 26.6 −2.3 54 27 −8
  Social Democratic Party SPS/PSS Centre-left/Left-wing Social democracy 457,317 18.7 +0.8 46 23.0 +3
  FDP.The Liberals FDP/PLR Centre-right Classical liberalism 368,951 15.1 −0.7 30 15.0 −1
  Christian Democratic People's Party CVP/PDC Centre/Centre-right Christian democracy 300,544 12.3 −2.2 28 14.0 −3
  Green Party GPS/PES Left wing Green politics 205,984 8.4 −1.2 15 7.5 −5
  Green Liberal Party GLP/PVL Centre Green liberalism 131,436 5.4 +4.0 12 6.0 +9
  Conservative Democratic Party BDP/PBD Centre-right Conservatism / Economic liberalism 132,279 5.4 +5.4 9 4.5 +9
  Evangelical People's Party EVP/PEV Centre Christian democracy 48,789 2.0 −0.4 2 1.0 ±0
  Ticino League LdT Right wing Regionalism / Right-wing populism 19,657 0.8 +0.2 2 1.0 +1
  Geneva Citizens' Movement MCG Right wing Regionalism / Right-wing populism 10,714 0.4 +0.3 1 0.5 +1
  Federal Democratic Union EDU/UDF Right-wing Christian right 31,056 1.3 ±0 0 0 −1
  Party of Labour PDA Left wing Socialism 21,482 0.5 −0.2 0 0 −1
  Christian Social Party CSP/PCS Centre-left Christian left 6,248 0.3 -0.1 0 0 -1
Other       54,622 2.2   1 0.5 +1
Total (turnout 48.5%) 2,442,648 200

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