Honduras presidential election 2017 Results live Winner

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Honduras presidential election 2017 Results live Winner

Honduras presidential election Dates 2017

Honduras presidential election Date: 26 November 2017

Electoral process in Honduras is made by means of the coordinacion of Supreme Electoral Tribunal, it is the organisation in charge of organising on march during the third year of each government the primary elections where are elected the presidential candidates of each party and a year despues the general elections.

General elections, are made during the fourth year of mandate of the current government and some months before finalising his charge, where the candidates of each party compete by the presidency and is known the next president of Honduras, during the general elections ademas are elect that Honduran citizens the deputies for the national congress and to the Parlacen.

Honduras present is elected for a 4 years term if obtain a mayor number of votes during the general elections.

Honduras National Congress has 128 members (diputados), they serve four year terms.

Honduras elects on national level a head of state – the president – and a legislature. The President of Honduras is elected for a four-year term by the people by a simple majority of valid votes (nulls and blanks excluded). The unicameral National Congress (Congreso Nacional) has 128 members(diputados), elected for four-year term by proportional representation to represent the country's various departments. Honduras' presidential elections are held on the last Sunday of November of the election year.

Honduras has Multi-party system, but used to have a two-party system, which means that there were two dominant political parties: the Liberal Party of Honduras (PLH) and the National Party of Honduras (PNH). Ahead of the 2013 general electionvarious new parties emerged as contenders for power and influence. Elections in Honduras gives information on electionsand election results in Honduras.

Honduras presidential election 2017 Voting live Results

Honduran presidential election Results Live 2017 

1.Honduras presidential vote: Both candidates claim victory.

2.Honduras's President Juan Orlando Hernández and opposition leader Salvador Nasralla have both declared victory in Sunday's presidential poll.

3.With 57% of votes counted, the electoral tribunal has so far given Mr Nasralla the lead.

4.Opinion polls conducted before the election suggested Mr Hernández would win, but Mr Nasralla had recently made headway.

5.President Hernández has been heavily criticised by the opposition for standing for a second term even though re-election was prohibited under the Honduran constitution until a 2015 Supreme Court ruling overturned the ban.

Honduran presidential election voting Live 2017

  1. Primary elections in Honduras, are mechanisms by means of which the political parties of the country choose to his presidential candidates, make during the third year of government of the current government.
  2. These are not compulsory neither paid by the state The Electoral High court of Honduras is the regulatory body of this process, the National Register of the People is an organism of support that gives legitimacy to the electoral process.

Electoral system of Candidates for presidential election

Honduras has utilized four electoral systems to elect its National Congress (Congreso Nacional) since 1980. In elections from 1980 through 1993, Hondurashad a fused electoral system. The same vote for a single party was used both to elect the president and to allocate seats for the National Congress.

Candidates for presidential election

Juan Orlando Hernández of National Party ,Salvador Nasralla of Libre-PINU Party,Luis Orlando Zelaya of Liberal Party.

Honduran Parties and leaders

National Party of Honduras,
Liberal Party of Honduras, Liberty and Refoundation,
Anti-Corruption Party, Democratic Unification Party, Christian Democratic Party of Honduras, Innovation and Unity Party

Honduran past election results



Registered voters










Valid Votes Total



Carlos Sosa Coello – Innovation and Unity Party (Partido Innovación y Unidad)



Juan Ramón Martínez – Christian Democratic Party of Honduras (Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Honduras)



Juan Ángel Almendares Bonilla – Democratic Unification Party (Unificación Democrática)



Porfirio Lobo Sosa – National Party of Honduras (Partido Nacional de Honduras)



José Manuel Zelaya Rosales – Liberal Party of Honduras (Partido Liberal de Honduras )



Candidates and nominating parties



 Summary of the 27 November 2005 Honduras presidential election results


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