Mexican Senate 2018 voting live

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Mexican Senate 2018 Results Voting Live

Mexican Senate Dates 2018

Mexican Senate : 1 JULY 2018

The Senate of the Republic, (Spanish: Senado de la República) constitutionally Chamber of Senators of the Honorable Congress of the Union (Spanish: Cámara de Senadores del H. Congreso de la Unión), is the upper house of Mexico's bicameral Congress.

After a series of reforms during the 1990s, it is now made up of 128 senators:

  • Two for each of the 31 states and two for the Federal District elected under the principle of relative majority;
  • One for each of the 31 states and one for the Federal District, assigned under the principle of first minority (i.e. awarded to the party who had won the second highest number of votes within the state or Federal District);
  • Thirty-two national senators-at-large, divided among the parties in proportion to their share of the national vote.

Mexican Senate Voting Live 2018 

1.Senators serve six-year terms, running concurrently with the President of Mexico. Special elections are rare, as substitutes are chosen at every election.

2.The Senate is completely renewed every six years since senators are barred from immediate reelection. This will change at the 2018 election.

3.In a senatorial race, each party nominates two candidates who run and are elected together by direct vote. The party of the two candidates that won the second highest vote within the state or the Federal District then assigns a senator to occupy the third seat (first minority seat), according to the list of candidates that the party registered with the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE).

Electoral system of Mexico  

Senators are elected for a period of six years, corresponding to two legislatures and cannot be reelected for the immediate period, although alternately.

They are elected by direct popular suffrage and secret ballot in every state of the republic. Each political party registers a list with two formulas of candidates, consisting of two owners and their alternates: the number 1 of the formula First Formula is denominated to him, and 2, Second Formula. The formula of candidates obtaining the highest number of votes is elected complete, becoming the first two senators of the entity; the third Senate is awarded to the candidate of First Formula of the political party that won second place of votes or first minority.

They are also 32 senators elected by proportional representation. For this election, each political party registers a list of 32 candidates, and these are allocated by proportional representation according to the number of votes obtained by each political party in the national election. 

Candidates for Mexican Senate election


Mexico Parties and leaders 

National Action Party, Institutional Revolutionary Party, Party of the Democratic Revolution, Ecologist Green Party of Mexico 

Mexico past election results 

Party First
At-large Total
  PRI 33 12 11 56
  PAN 16 13 8 37
  PT 7 4 6 17
  PRD 4 1 3 8
  PVEM 4 0 2 6
  No Party 0 2 2 4

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