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Falkland Legislative Assembly election Dates 2017

Falkland Legislative Assembly  Date: 30 November 2017

The Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands is the unicameral legislature of the British Overseas Territory of the Falkland Islands. The Legislative Assembly replaced the Legislative Council (which had existed since 1845) when the new Constitution of the Falklands came into force in 2009 and laid out the composition, powers and procedures of the islands' legislature.

The Legislative Assembly consists of eight elected members, two ex officio members (the Chief Executive and the Director of Finance), and the Speaker. Although they take part in proceedings, the ex officio members do not have the right to vote in the Legislative Assembly. The Commander British Forces and the Attorney General also have the right to take part in the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, though again they may not vote.

Falkland Legislative Assembly election 2017 Voting live

Falkland Legislative Assembly Voting Live 2017

  1. Meetings of the Legislative Assembly are normally held in the Court and Assembly Chamber in Stanley Town Hall and begin at a time appointed by the Governor.
  2. The constitution states there must be at least one meeting of the Legislative Assembly every year, although the Assembly normally meets every two to three months. Meetings of the Legislative Assembly are broadcast live on the local radio station, the Falkland Islands Radio Service.
  3. The constitution give the Legislative Assembly legislative powers for "the peace, order and good government of the Falkland Islands." Any MLA may introduce a Bill or propose any motion for debate.

    Electoral system of Falkland

As in many parliamentary democracies, there are no direct elections for the executive branch of the Falkland Islands Government. Instead the people elect the legislature which then advises and forms part of the executive. General elections, which elect the Legislative Assembly, must take place at least once every four years.Suffrage is universal in the Falklands, with the minimum voting age at eighteen. The Legislative Assembly has ten members, eight of which are elected using block voting(five from the Stanley constituency and three from the Camp constituency) and two ex officio members (the Chief Executive and the Director of Finance).

Candidates for Falkland Legislative Assembly 

Mark Pollard ,Jason Lewis,Leona Roberts,Stacy Bragger ,  Barry Elsby, Gavin Short, Roger Spink, Ian Hansen.

Falkland Parties and leaders

In the last general election, which took place on 7 November 2013, only non-partisans were elected as there are no active political parties in the Falkland Islands.

Falkland past election results




Michael Poole



Barry Elsby



Gavin Short



Mike Summers



Jan Cheek



Phyllis Rendell



Roger Edwards



Ian Hansen




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