Algeria Legislative election 2017 live Voting Dates Opinion Exit Poll Candidates


Algeria Legislative election 2017 Results Voting Live Dates Opinion Exit Poll

Algeria Legislative election Dates 2017

National Legislative election Date: 4 May 2017

Algeria Legislative election 2017 Results Dates Voting Opinion Poll

The 462 members of the People's National Assembly are elected by proportional from 48 multi-member constituencies based on the provinces. Seats are allocated using the largest remainder method.


Algeria Legislative election Results Live 2017

The National Liberation Front (FNL) won 164 seats in the 462-seat lower house with its ally, the National Democratic Rally (RND), which won 97. Turnout was just over 38%, the interior ministry said, reflecting widespread disinterest among voters. The poll took place amid deep economic gloom and uncertainty over the health of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Algeria ruling coalition wins parliamentary elections National Liberation Front secures majority in national assembly.

Party Seats +/-
National Liberation Front 164 –44
National Rally for Democracy 97 29
Rally for Hope for Algeria 19 New
Ennahda–FJD 15
Front of Socialist Forces 14 –13
Future Front 14 12
Algerian Popular Movement 13 6
Workers' Party 11 –13
Rally for Culture and Democracy 9 New
National Republican Alliance 8 5
Movement of National Understanding 4  
Dignity Party 3  
Party of Youth 2  
Ahd 54 2 –1
Republican Patriotic Rally 2 0
El-Infitah Movement 2 1
National Struggle Front 2  
Free Democratic Front 2  
National Party for Solidarity and Development 2 –2
Freedom and Justice Party 2  
Algerian National Front 1 –8
New Dawn 1  
Movement for National Reform 1
El Fath 1  
National Front for Social Justice 1  
New Algeria Front 1  
Union of Democratic and Social Forces 1 –2
National Front for Freedom 1  
National Assembly Union 1  
National Union for Development 1  
National Movement of Algerian Workers 1  
Movement of Free Citizens 1 0
Justice and Declaration Party 1  
Party of Algerian Renewal 1 0
Independents 28 10
Invalid/blank votes
Total 462 0

Algeria Legislative election Voting Live 2017

Voting was extended by an hour in 42 of the 48 electoral districts, closing at 8pm (19:00 GMT), with the first results expected late on Friday morning.

More than 12,000 candidates are competing for the 462 seats of the People's National Assembly. The election was the first since Algerian politicians amended the country's constitutional law, giving more power to the legislature.

Electoral system of Algeria

Algeria elects on national level a head of state – the president – and legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term by the people.People's National Assembly (al-Majlis al-Sha'abi al-Watani/Assemblé Populaire Nationale) has 380 members, elected for a five-year term in multi-seat constituencies by proportional representation. Eight seats in the national assembly are reserved for Algerians abroad. The Council of the Nation (Majlis al-Umma/Conseil de la Nation) has 144 members, 96 members elected by communal councils and 48 members appointed by the president. Algeria has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition. According to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Algerian elections are generally free and fair.According to a US Embassy cable, the 2009 presidential elections were "carefully choreographed and heavily controlled", with the official turnout figure "exaggerated" by at least 45%.

Candidates for Legislative Elections 2017

ALGIERS –Eight ministers, members of the party would be running for the legislative office in the 4 May elections, General Secretary of the National Liberation Front (FLN) party Djamel Ould Abbes announced Monday in Algiers.

The candidate ministers are Minister of Transport and Public Works Boudjemaa Talai, Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Abdelmalek Boudiaf, Minister of Relations with the parliament Ghania Eddalia, Minister of Town Planning, Tourism and Craft Industry Abdelouahab Nouri, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries Abdeslam Chelghoum, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Tahar Hadjar, Minister of Water Resources and Environment Abdelkader Ouali and Deputy Minister to the Minister of National Planning, Tourism and Craft Industry, in charge of Craft Industry Aicha Tagabou.

Algeria Parties and leaders

National Liberation Front, Party of Algerian Renewal, Islamic Renaissance Movement, Movement of Society for Peace, National Rally for Democracy, El-Infitah Movement.

Algeria Assembly Last Election Results







Abdelaziz Bouteflika

National Liberation Front




Ali Benflis





Abdelaziz Belaid

Front for the Future




Louisa Hanoune

Workers' Party




Ali Fawzi Rebaine

Ahd 54




Moussa Touati

Algerian National Front



Invalid/blank votes





Registered voters/turnout