Chadian Parliamentary Election 2019 Voting Live


Chadian Parliamentary Election 2019 Voting Live

Chadian Parliamentary Election Dates 2019

Chadian Parliamentary Election Date: 30 May 2019 

Parliamentary elections were scheduled to be held in Chad in November 2018, having been postponed since 2015. A new deadline of May 2019 was subsequently proposed by the government. The new National Independent Elections Commission (CENI) was sworn in by the Supreme Court on 4 April 2019 despite protests by segments of the opposition regarding its impartiality. On 5 April, the Coordination des Partis Politiques pour la Défense de la Constitution (CPDC) comprising a dozen opposition parties controlling 31 seats in the 188-seat National Assembly rejected the swearing-in, calling it "illegally constituted, null and void and of no effect."

Chadian Parliamentary Election Voting Live 2019

1. Chadian Parliamentary Election will be held in May 2019.

2. Chad to hold Parliamentary Election in the first half of 2019: PRESIDENT.

3. Chad set to postpone November vote: election panel.

The Electoral system of Chad

The 188 members of the National Assembly are elected from 116 constituencies. Constituencies with a population of over 50,000 have two members, with an additional member for every additional 40,000 residents. In constituencies with one seat, the two-round system is used. In multi-member constituencies, a party winning over 50% of the vote wins all the seats; if no party wins over 50% of the vote, seats are allocated proportionally using the highest averages method.

Chad Parties and leaders



Chad past election results 

Party/Alliance Votes % Seats
MPS coalition Patriotic Salvation Movement     83
MPS–RDP     25
MPS–RNDP     18
UNDR–PLD coalition National Union for Democracy and Renewal     10
UNDR–PLD     2
Union for Renewal and Democracy     8
National Rally for Democracy in Chad     8
Federation, Action for the Republic     4
ART–CNDS     1
Democratic and Socialist Party for Alternation     2
Chadian Convention for Peace and Development     2
Union for Democracy and the Republic     2
Chadian Democratic Union     1
National Action for Development     1
New Breath for the Republic     1
Rally of People for Democratic Alternation     1
Movement of Patriotic Chadians for the Republic     1
Democratic Party of the Chadian People     1
Union of Democratic Forces/Republican Party     1
Union of Chadian Ecologists     1
PDI–RPT     1
African Party for Peace and Social Justice     1
Total     188