Rwandan Presidential election 2017 Candidates Voting Live
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Rwandan Presidential election 2017 Candidates Voting Live


Rwandan Presidential election 2017 Candidates Voting Live Opinion Exit Poll

Rwandan Presidential election Dates 2017

Presidential election Date: 4 August 2017

Presidential elections will be held in Rwanda on 4 August 2017.

A referendum in 2015 approved constitutional amendments that allow incumbent President Paul Kagame to run for a third term in office in 2017, as well as shortening presidential terms from seven to five years, although the latter change would not come into effect until 2024.



Rwandan Presidential election Results 2017 Live

After Initial counting it shows that the Incumbent  President Paul Kagame has got on an average 98 % of the vote in districts counted.Official results won't be announced until August 12, after the National Electoral Commission considers petitions and verifies numbers.

Candidate Votes  Vote%
Paul Kagame 5,433,890 98.66%
Frank Habineza 24,904 0.45%
Phillipe Mpayimana 39,620 0.72%



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Rwanda Presidential Election Candidates 2017

Kagame announced that he would run for a third term in a televised address to mark the start of 2016, saying "You requested me to lead the country again after 2017. Given the importance and consideration you attach to this, I can only accept. But I don't think that what we need is an eternal leader."
In February 2017 Phillipe Mpayimana announced his candidacy as an independent candidate. A former journalist and author, he has lived outside Rwanda since 1994 and worked with humanitarian organisations.
35-year-old businesswoman Diane Rwigara announced her candidacy, running as a critic of Kagame. Days after she launched her campaign, nude photos of Rwigara were leaked onto the Internet in an attempt to discredit her.
Democratic Green Party of Rwanda leader Frank Habienza also declared his candidacy.

Electoral system of Rwandan

The voting age in Rwanda is 18.


The President of Rwanda is elected in one round of voting by plurality.

Chamber of Deputies

The 80 members of the Chamber of Deputies consisted of 53 directly elected members elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency, 24 women elected by electoral colleges formed in the provinces (six from Eastern, Southern and Western, four from Northern and two from Kigali) and three members elected by mini-committees, two representing youth (elected by the National Youth Council) and one representing disabled people (elected by the Federation of the Associations of the Disabled.


The Senate has 26 members, of which 14 are indirectly elected and 12 are appointed. The 14 indirectly elected members consist of 12 members elected by local councils and two university lecturers elected by university staff. The 12 appointed members include eight appointed by the President and four appointed by the Forum of Political Organisations.

Candidates for Presidential election 2017


                   Rwandan Parties and leaders

  • Social Party Imberakuri.
  • Rwandan Patriotic Front.
  • Centrist Democratic Party.
  • Ideal Democratic Party.
  • Rwandan Socialist Party.
  • Democratic Union of the Rwandan People.
  • Social Democratic Party.
  • Liberal Party

Rwandan Presidential election Results





Paul Kagame

Rwandan Patriotic Front



Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo

Social Democratic Party



Prosper Higiro

Liberal Party



Alvera Mukabaramba

Party for Progress and Concord



Invalid/blank votes





Registered voters/turnout



Rwandan Presidential election 2017 Results Dates Voting Opinion Poll


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