Timor leste Second Round Presidential elections 2017 live Results by Party Constituency candidate

Timor leste Second Round Presidential elections 2017 live Results

Timor leste Second Round Presidential elections Dates 2017

National Presidential elections Second Round Date:  20 April 2017

Timor leste Second Round Presidential elections 2017 live Results on 20th April after second run off. The next Timor leste Presidential elections is to be held on 20 March 2017. Timor-Leste looks forward to successful elections next year and stand ready to strengthen its relationships as a member of ASEAN.

Timor leste Second Round Presidential elections 2017 live Voting Updates

Second Round of Voting is not required since Francisco Guterres FRETILIN won 57.1 %


  1. Good Example shown by Ex President for standing in queue for president election.
  2. With 90%+ votes counted, it is now certain Timor-Leste's new president is Lú-Olo at 57%. Now prepare for legislative elect.
  3. PM and spouse Dr Teresa Soares voted for Timor Leste Presidential Election 2017 in Bidau Aikadiru-Hun, Dili, urges all Timorese to vote.
  4. Lu'Olo is tipped to win the presidential election, he says he is confident he will have the numbers.
  5. In Darwin, dual Timorese-Australian citizen Jose Luis Valadares is voting in Timor-Leste's elections for the first time since the country's independence referendum in 1999, which ended more than two decades of Indonesian rule.
  6. Eight candidates were fighting to win the largely ceremonial position, heading up the nation of 1.2 million people just 15 years after it declared independence.
  7. Former independence fighter Francisco ‘Lú-Olo’ Guterres is expected to win, but the next generation of leaders is rising to tackle Timor-Leste’s challenges
  8. Voting for Timor Leste will take place on 20th March 2017 Morning 7 am onwards.
  9. The National Parliament(Parlamenta Nacional) has 88 members, 13 elected in single seat constituencies and 75 elected by proportional representation.
  10. Out of a population of 1.2 million, as reported by the Secretariat for Technical and Electoral Administration (STAE) there are over 747,000 registered voters, with a further 1,332 overseas voters expected to take part in both the presidential and parliamentary elections.
  11. Timor-Leste has tremendous growth. After going through such a traumatic independence struggle, the people’s expectations are high. While the constitution stipulates that the state will be institutionalized at distinct levels, the issue is its actual competency and resources are not adequately addressed.

  12. Eight candidates, including one female candidate, will be contesting the March 20 presidential elections after fulfilling the criteria, including securing enough supporters. The eight candidates are Amorim Vieira, Angela Freitas, Antonio da Conceição, Antonio Maher, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, Jose Luis Guterres, Luis Alves Tilman, and Jose Antonio Neves. All eight candidates are scheduled to carry out their political campaigns from March 3-17. Voting is scheduled to take place simultaneously on March 20 both inside the country and overseas for Timorese abroad.

Timor leste Presidential elections Results Live 2017

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Electoral system of Timor leste

East Timor elects on national level a head of state – the president – and a legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term by the people. The National Parliament(Parlamenta Nacional) has 88 members, 13 elected in single seat constituencies and 75 elected by proportional representation.



Candidates for Presidential Elections 2017









Presidential (March&April)
National Parliament (July)


Presidential (March&April)
National Parliament (July)





National Assembly

All seats


All seats

Provinces, cities and municipalities

All seats


All seats


Timor leste Parties and leaders

Association of Timorese Heroes, Christian Democratic Party, Christian Democratic Union of Timor, Liberal Party,Millennium Democratic Party. National Unity Party.



Timor leste Assembly Last Election Results















Candidates Parties 1st round   2nd round
    Votes % Votes %
Taur Matan Ruak Independent (supported by CNRT) 119462 25.71 275471 61.23
Francisco Guterres FRETILIN 133635 28.76 174408 38.77
José Ramos-Horta Independent 81231 17.48    
Fernando de Araújo Democratic Party 80381 17.3    
Rogério Lobato Independent, member of FRETILIN 16219 3.49    
José Luís Guterres Frenti-Mudança 9235 1.99    
Manuel Tilman KOTA 7226 1.56    
Abílio Araújo PNT 6294 1.35    
Lucas da Costa Independent, member of Democratic Party 3862 0.83    
Francisco Gomes PLPA 3531 0.76    
María do Céu Independent 1843 0.4    
Angelita Pires Independent 1742 0.37    
Valid votes   464661 94.84 449879 98.08
Invalid votes   18788 3.83 6801 1.48
Blank votes   6484 1.32 2023 0.44
Total votes (turnout 78.20%/73.12%) 489933 100 458703 100

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