Philippine House of Representatives Elections 2019 Voting Live
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Philippine House of Representatives Elections 2019 Voting Live


Philippine House of Representatives Elections 2019 Voting Live

Philippine House of Representatives Election 2019 Voting Live

Philippine House of Representatives Election 2019 Date: 13 May 2019 

The 2019 Philippine House of Representatives elections will be the 35th triennial election held in the Philippines to decide the 18th Congress of the Philippines. All seats in the House of Representatives will be contested. It is scheduled to be held on May 13, 2019.

Candidates are expected to be either for or against President Rodrigo Duterte. As the Philippines has a multi-party system, those who are for (or against) Duterte may find themselves running against each other. Other districts that may be seen as safe seats may see a candidate elected unopposed. Several seats have not been apportioned since 1907, gerrymandering on some newly-apportioned seats and entrenchment of political dynasties make competitive races in so-called swing seats rare. The Liberal Party is expected to lead the opposition against PDP-Laban.

Philippine House of Representatives Voting Live 2019

1. Philippine House of Representatives Voting will be done on 13 May 2019.

2. Philippine Midterm Elections to Test Popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The electoral system of Philippine

The Philippines uses parallel voting for its lower house elections. There are currently 297 seats in the House; 238 of these are district representatives, and 59 are party-list representatives. Philippine law mandates that there should be one party-list representative for every four district representatives. District representatives are elected under the plurality voting system from single-member districts. Party-list representatives are elected via the nationwide vote with a 2% "soft" election threshold, with a 3-seat cap. The party in the party-list election with the most votes usually wins three seats, the other parties with more than 2% of the vote two seats, and the parties with less than 2% of the vote winning a seat each if the 20% quota is not met.

Campaigning for elections from congressional districts seats are decidedly local; the candidates are most likely a part of an election slate that includes candidates for other positions in the locality, and slates may comprise different parties. The political parties contesting the election make no attempt to create a national campaign.

Party-list campaigning, on the other hand, is done on a national scale. Parties usually attempt to appeal to a specific demographic. Polling is usually conducted for the party-list election, while pollsters may release polls on specific district races. In district elections, pollsters do not attempt to make forecasts on how many votes a party would achieve, nor the number of seats a party would win; they do attempt to do that in party-list elections, though.

Philippine Parties and leaders




House leader


President Rodrigo Duterte

Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (Pampanga)


Vice President Leni Robredo

Teddy Baguilat (Ifugao)


Danding Cojuangco

Arnulfo Fuentebella (Camarines Sur)


Albert Garcia

Deputy Speaker Fredenil Castro (Capiz)


Manny Villar

Deputy Speaker Pia Cayetano (Taguig)


Bong Revilla

Minority Leader Danilo Suarez (Quezon)


Jejomar Binay

Luis N. Campos Jr. (Makati)


Philippine past election results 

Party/coalition Popular vote Seats
  Total % Elected %
Liberal (Liberal Party) 15552401 0.4172 115 0.387
NPC (Nationalist People's Coalition) 6350310 0.1704 42 0.141
NUP (National Unity Party) 3604266 0.0967 23 0.077
Nacionalista (Nationalist Party) 3512975 0.0942 24 0.081
UNA (United Nationalist Alliance) 2468335 0.0662 11 0.037
PDP-Laban (Philippine Democratic Party–People's Power) 706407 0.019 3 0.01
Lakas (People Power–Christian Muslim Democrats) 573843 0.0154 4 0.013
Aksyon (Democratic Action) 514612 0.0138 1 0.003
KBL (New Society Movement) 198754 0.0053 0 0
Asenso Manileño (Progress for Manilans) 184602 0.005 2 0.007
Kusog Baryohanon (Force of the Villagers) 172601 0.0046 1 0.003
PTM (Voice of the Masses Party) 145417 0.0039 1 0.003
PCM (People's Champ Movement) 142307 0.0038 1 0.003
Bukidnon Paglaum (Hope for Bukidnon) 129678 0.0035 1 0.003
Lingap Lugud (Caring Love) 127762 0.0034 1 0.003
Padayon Pilipino (Onward Filipinos) 127759 0.0034 0 0
1-Cebu (One Cebu) 114732 0.0031 0 0
LDP (Struggle of Democratic Filipinos) 111086 0.003 2 0.007
Arangkada San Joseño (Forward San Joseans) 83945 0.0023 1 0.003
PMP (Force of the Filipino Masses) 78020 0.0021 0 0
KABAKA (Partner of the Nation for Progress) 72130 0.0019 1 0.003
Hugpong (Party of the People of the City) 53186 0.0014 0 0
SZP (Forward Zambales Party) 52415 0.0014 0 0
CDP (Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines) 13662 0.0021 0 0
PMM (Workers' and Peasants' Party) 7239 0.0002 0 0
PGRP (Philippine Green Republican Party) 4426 0.0001 0 0
Independent 2172562 0.0583 4 0.013
Vacancy 0 0
Total 37275432 1 238 0.801
Valid votes 37275432 0.8397    
Invalid votes 7077692 0.1594    
Turnout 44392375 0.8166    
Registered voters (without overseas voters) 54363844 1    


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