Philippine Senate Elections 2019 Voting Live
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Philippine Senate Elections 2019 Voting Live


Philippine Senate Elections 2019 Voting Live 

Philippine Senate Elections 2019 Voting Live

Philippine Senate Elections 2019 Voting Live Date: 13 May 2019 

The 2019 election of members to the Senate of the Philippines will be the 33rd election of members to the Senate of the Philippines for a six-year term.

The seats of 12 senators elected in 2013 will be contested during this election, and the senators elected in this election will serve up to June 30, 2025. The winners in this election will join the winners of the 2016 election to form the 18th Congress of the Philippines. The senators elected in 2016 will serve until June 30, 2022.

The Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), the ruling party headed by President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to lead its own administration coalition. The opposition is expected to be led by the Liberal Party, headed by Vice President Leni Robredo, its de facto leader. Other opposition coalitions may be set up.

The Senate election is held concurrently with elections to the House of Representatives and local officials above the barangay level.

Philippine Senate Elections Voting Live 2019

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The electoral system of Philippine Senate Elections

Senate elections in the Philippines are conducted via the plurality-at-large voting system, where the entire country is one at-large "district". Each voter can select up to twelve candidates (one vote per candidate), and the twelve candidates with the highest total number of votes are elected.

Senators are term-limited to two consecutive terms, although they are eligible for a third non-consecutive term. Only half of the seats are up in every senatorial election. The winning senators will succeed those elected in 2013 and will join those elected in 2016 in the 18th Congress.

Each party endorses a slate of candidates, typically not exceeding a 12-person ticket. A party may also choose to invite "guest candidates" to complete its slate. The party may even include, with the candidates' consent, independent candidates and candidates from other parties as to the party's guest candidates. Parties also may form coalitions to endorse a multi-party slate of candidates.

While the Philippines is a multi-party system, parties tend to group themselves into two major coalitions in midterm elections (e.g. Lakas-Laban vs NPC in 1995; PPC vs Puwersa ng Masa in 2001). This is opposed to senatorial elections in presidential election years where most presidential candidates also have senatorial slates. This results in an election where voters can choose between two major political forces. Sometimes a weaker third coalition is also formed.

Winning candidates are proclaimed by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), sitting as the National Board of Canvassers. Candidates are proclaimed senators-elect if the thirteenth-place candidate no longer has a mathematical chance of surpassing the twelfth-place candidate. Post-proclamation disputes are handled by the Senate Electoral Tribunal, a body composed of six senators and three justices from the Supreme Court.


Philippine Parties and leaders


Party Candidate
LDP Sonny Angara
Liberal Francis Pangilinan
UNA Nancy Binay
NPC Tito Sotto
PDP–Laban Koko Pimentel 
Nacionalista Cynthia Villar
Independent Grace Poe

Philippine Senate election results 2019


Party Seats up Seats not up Current seats
Liberal (Liberal Party) 1 4 5
NPC (Nationalist People's Coalition) 2 2 4
Nacionalista (Nationalist Party) 2 1 3
PDP-Laban (Philippine Democratic Party–People's Power) 1 2 3
UNA (United Nationalist Alliance) 2 0 2
Akbayan (Akbayan Citizens Action Party) 0 1 1
LDP (Struggle of Democratic Filipinos) 1 0 1
Independent 2 2 4
Vacant 1 0 1
Total 12 12 24


Philippine past election results 


Coalition Total Votes % Seats
Team PNoy 177,386,739 59.60% 9 75%
UNA 91,800,946 30.84% 3 25%
Bangon Pilipinas 6,932,985 2.33% 0 0%
Makabayan 4,295,151 1.44% 0 0%
Ang Kapatiran 2,975,641 1.00% 0 0%
DPP 2,500,967 0.84% 0 0%
Social Justice Society 1,240,104 0.42% 0 0%
Independents not in coalitions 10,493,264 3.53% 0 0%
Totals 297,625,797 100% 12 100%



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