Australia Federal Election Results 2010 Winner list by Party, by Division, by State, House of Representative results, Australia Labor Party Coalition Winner, Vote% Margin Swing, Senate members, Australia Election Results
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Australia Federal Election Results 2010 Winner list by Party, by Division, by State, House of Representative results, Australia Labor Party Coalition Winner, Vote% Margin Swing, Senate members, Australia Election Results

Australia, Australia Election Results

Australia Federal Election Results 2010 Winner list by Party, by Division, by State, House of Representative results, Australia Labor Party Coalition Winner, Vote% Margin Swing, Senate members, Australia Election Results

A federal election was held on Saturday, 21 August 2010 for members of the 43rd Parliament of Australia. The incumbent centre-left Australian Labor Party led by Prime Minister Julia Gillard won a second term against the opposition centre-right Liberal/National Coalition led by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, after Labor formed a minority government with the support of three independent MPs and one Australian Greens MP.

Labor and the Coalition each won 72 seats in the 150-seat House of Representatives,four short of the requirement for majority government, resulting in the first hung parliament since the 1940 election.Six crossbenchers held the balance of power.Greens MP Adam Bandt and independent MPs Andrew Wilkie, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor declared their support for Labor on confidence and supply.Independent MP Bob Katter and National Party of Western Australia MP Tony Crook declared their support for the Coalition on confidence and supply.The resulting 76–74 margin entitled Labor to form a minority government. The Prime Minister, government ministers and parliamentary secretaries were sworn in on 14 September 2010 by the Governor-General Quentin Bryce. In November 2011, Coalition MP and Deputy Speaker Peter Slipper replaced Labor MP Harry Jenkins as Speaker of the House of Representatives, increasing Labor's parliamentary majority from 76–74 to 77–73.

In the 76-seat Senate, the Greens won one seat in each of the six states, gaining the sole balance of power with a total of nine seats, after previously holding a shared balance of power with the Family First Party and independent Nick Xenophon.The Coalition was reduced from 37 to 34 and Labor was reduced from 32 to 31. The two remaining seats were occupied by Xenophon and Victoria's new Democratic Labor Party Senator John Madigan. Family First Party Senator Steve Fielding was defeated. These changes took effect in the Senate on 1 July 2011.

More than 14 million Australians were enrolled to vote at the time of the election.Australia has compulsory voting (since 1925) and uses preferential ballot (since 1919) in single-member seats for the House of Representatives and single transferable vote (since 1949) with optional group voting tickets (since 1984) in the proportionally represented Senate. The election was conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). This was the first since the 1914 federal election that the leaders of both main parties had been born in the United Kingdom.


Australia House of Representatives Election Results by Party First preference

  Votes  % Swing Seats Change
Australian Labor Party 47,11,363 37.99 −5.40 72 −11
  Liberal Party of Australia 37,77,383 30.46 0.76 44 −11
  Liberal National Party (QLD) 11,30,525 9.12 0.6 21 21
  National Party of Australia 4,19,286 3.43 −0.04 6 −4
  Country Liberal Party (NT) 38,335 0.31 −0.01 1 1
Australian Greens 14,58,998 11.76 3.97 1 1
National Party (WA) 43,101 0.34 0.2 1 1
Independents 3,12,496 2.52 0.3 4 2
Other 5,10,876 4.11 −0.38 0 0
Total 124,02,363     150  

Australia House of Representatives Election Results by Party Two Party

Australian Labor Party 62,16,445 50.12 −2.58 72 −11  
Liberal/National Coalition 61,85,918 49.88 2.58 72 7  

 House of Representatives Members 2010

Members Elected for all states and territories
Division State Member Party
Adelaide SA ELLIS, Kate Australian Labor Party
Aston VIC TUDGE, Alan Liberal
Ballarat VIC KING, Catherine Australian Labor Party
Banks NSW MELHAM, Daryl Australian Labor Party
Barker SA SECKER, Patrick Liberal
Barton NSW McCLELLAND, Robert Australian Labor Party
Bass TAS LYONS, Geoff Australian Labor Party
Batman VIC FERGUSON, Martin John Australian Labor Party
Bendigo VIC GIBBONS, Steve Australian Labor Party
Bennelong NSW ALEXANDER, John Liberal
Berowra NSW RUDDOCK, Philip Liberal
Blair QLD NEUMANN, Shayne Kenneth Australian Labor Party
Blaxland NSW CLARE, Jason Australian Labor Party
Bonner QLD VASTA, Ross Xavier Liberal National Party of Queensland
Boothby SA SOUTHCOTT, Andrew Liberal
Bowman QLD LAMING, Andrew Liberal National Party of Queensland
Braddon TAS SIDEBOTTOM, Sid Australian Labor Party
Bradfield NSW FLETCHER, Paul Liberal
Brand WA GRAY, Gary Australian Labor Party
Brisbane QLD GAMBARO, Teresa Liberal National Party of Queensland
Bruce VIC GRIFFIN, Alan Australian Labor Party
Calare NSW COBB, John The Nationals
Calwell VIC VAMVAKINOU, Maria Australian Labor Party
Canberra ACT BRODTMANN, Gai Australian Labor Party
Canning WA RANDALL, Don Liberal
Capricornia QLD LIVERMORE, Kirsten Australian Labor Party
Casey VIC SMITH, Tony Liberal
Charlton NSW COMBET, Greg Australian Labor Party
Chifley NSW HUSIC, Ed Australian Labor Party
Chisholm VIC BURKE, Anna Elizabeth Australian Labor Party
Cook NSW MORRISON, Scott Liberal
Corangamite VIC CHEESEMAN, Darren Australian Labor Party
Corio VIC MARLES, Richard Donald Australian Labor Party
Cowan WA SIMPKINS, Luke Liberal
Cowper NSW HARTSUYKER, Luke The Nationals
Cunningham NSW BIRD, Sharon Australian Labor Party
Curtin WA BISHOP, Julie Liberal
Dawson QLD CHRISTENSEN, George Robert Liberal National Party of Queensland
Deakin VIC SYMON, Mike Australian Labor Party
Denison TAS WILKIE, Andrew Independent
Dickson QLD DUTTON, Peter Liberal National Party of Queensland
Dobell NSW THOMSON, Craig Australian Labor Party
Dunkley VIC BILLSON, Bruce Liberal
Durack WA HAASE, Barry Liberal
Eden-Monaro NSW KELLY, Mike Australian Labor Party
Fadden QLD ROBERT, Stuart Liberal National Party of Queensland
Fairfax QLD SOMLYAY, Alex Liberal National Party of Queensland
Farrer NSW LEY, Sussan Liberal
Fisher QLD SLIPPER, Peter Liberal National Party of Queensland
Flinders VIC HUNT, Greg Liberal
Flynn QLD O'DOWD, Ken Liberal National Party of Queensland
Forde QLD VAN MANEN, Bert Liberal National Party of Queensland
Forrest WA MARINO, Nola Liberal
Fowler NSW HAYES, Chris Australian Labor Party
Franklin TAS COLLINS, Julie Australian Labor Party
Fraser ACT LEIGH, Andrew Australian Labor Party
Fremantle WA PARKE, Melissa Australian Labor Party
Gellibrand VIC ROXON, Nicola Australian Labor Party
Gilmore NSW GASH, Joanna Liberal
Gippsland VIC CHESTER, Darren The Nationals
Goldstein VIC ROBB, Andrew Liberal
Gorton VIC O'CONNOR, Brendan Australian Labor Party
Grayndler NSW ALBANESE, Anthony Australian Labor Party
Greenway NSW ROWLAND, Michelle Australian Labor Party
Grey SA RAMSEY, Rowan Liberal
Griffith QLD RUDD, Kevin Australian Labor Party
Groom QLD MACFARLANE, Ian Liberal National Party of Queensland
Hasluck WA WYATT, Ken Liberal
Herbert QLD JONES, Ewen Liberal National Party of Queensland
Higgins VIC O'DWYER, Kelly Liberal
Hindmarsh SA GEORGANAS, Steve Australian Labor Party
Hinkler QLD NEVILLE, Paul Liberal National Party of Queensland
Holt VIC BYRNE, Anthony Australian Labor Party
Hotham VIC CREAN, Simon Australian Labor Party
Hughes NSW KELLY, Craig Liberal
Hume NSW SCHULTZ, Alby Liberal
Hunter NSW FITZGIBBON, Joel Australian Labor Party
Indi VIC MIRABELLA, Sophie Liberal
Isaacs VIC DREYFUS, Mark Australian Labor Party
Jagajaga VIC MACKLIN, Jenny Australian Labor Party
Kennedy QLD KATTER, Bob Independent
Kingsford Smith NSW GARRETT, Peter Australian Labor Party
Kingston SA RISHWORTH, Amanda Australian Labor Party
Kooyong VIC FRYDENBERG, Josh Liberal
La Trobe VIC SMYTH, Laura Australian Labor Party
Lalor VIC GILLARD, Julia Australian Labor Party
Leichhardt QLD ENTSCH, Warren Liberal National Party of Queensland
Lilley QLD SWAN, Wayne Australian Labor Party
Lindsay NSW BRADBURY, David Australian Labor Party
Lingiari NT SNOWDON, Warren Edward Australian Labor Party
Longman QLD ROY, Wyatt Liberal National Party of Queensland
Lyne NSW OAKESHOTT, Robert Independent
Lyons TAS ADAMS, Dick Australian Labor Party
Macarthur NSW MATHESON, Russell Liberal
Mackellar NSW BISHOP, Bronwyn Liberal
Macquarie NSW MARKUS, Louise Liberal
Makin SA ZAPPIA, Tony Australian Labor Party
Mallee VIC FORREST, John The Nationals
Maranoa QLD SCOTT, Bruce Liberal National Party of Queensland
Maribyrnong VIC SHORTEN, Bill Australian Labor Party
Mayo SA BRIGGS, Jamie Liberal
McEwen VIC MITCHELL, Rob Australian Labor Party
McMahon NSW BOWEN, Chris Australian Labor Party
McMillan VIC BROADBENT, Russell Liberal
McPherson QLD ANDREWS, Karen Liberal National Party of Queensland
Melbourne VIC BANDT, Adam The Greens
Melbourne Ports VIC DANBY, Michael David Australian Labor Party
Menzies VIC ANDREWS, Kevin Liberal
Mitchell NSW HAWKE, Alex Liberal
Moncrieff QLD CIOBO, Steven Liberal National Party of Queensland
Moore WA WASHER, Mal Liberal
Moreton QLD PERRETT, Graham Australian Labor Party
Murray VIC STONE, Sharman Liberal
New England NSW WINDSOR, Tony Independent
Newcastle NSW GRIERSON, Sharon Australian Labor Party
North Sydney NSW HOCKEY, Joe Liberal
O'Connor WA CROOK, Tony The Nationals
Oxley QLD RIPOLL, Bernie Australian Labor Party
Page NSW SAFFIN, Janelle Australian Labor Party
Parkes NSW COULTON, Mark The Nationals
Parramatta NSW OWENS, Julie Australian Labor Party
Paterson NSW BALDWIN, Bob Liberal
Pearce WA MOYLAN, Judi Liberal
Perth WA SMITH, Stephen Francis Australian Labor Party
Petrie QLD D'ATH, Yvette Australian Labor Party
Port Adelaide SA BUTLER, Mark Australian Labor Party
Rankin QLD EMERSON, Craig Australian Labor Party
Reid NSW MURPHY, John Australian Labor Party
Richmond NSW ELLIOT, Justine Australian Labor Party
Riverina NSW McCORMACK, Michael The Nationals
Robertson NSW O'NEILL, Deborah Australian Labor Party
Ryan QLD PRENTICE, Jane Liberal National Party of Queensland
Scullin VIC JENKINS, Harry Australian Labor Party
Shortland NSW HALL, Jill Australian Labor Party
Solomon NT GRIGGS, Natasha CLP – The Territory Party
Stirling WA KEENAN, Michael Liberal
Sturt SA PYNE, Christopher Liberal
Swan WA IRONS, Steve Liberal
Sydney NSW PLIBERSEK, Tanya Australian Labor Party
Tangney WA JENSEN, Dennis Liberal
Throsby NSW JONES, Stephen Australian Labor Party
Wakefield SA CHAMPION, Nick Australian Labor Party
Wannon VIC TEHAN, Dan Liberal
Warringah NSW ABBOTT, Tony Liberal
Watson NSW BURKE, Tony Australian Labor Party
Wentworth NSW TURNBULL, Malcolm Liberal
Werriwa NSW FERGUSON, Laurie Australian Labor Party
Wide Bay QLD TRUSS, Warren Liberal National Party of Queensland
Wills VIC THOMSON, Kelvin Australian Labor Party
Wright QLD BUCHHOLZ, Scott Liberal National Party of Queensland


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