List of Australia Prime Ministers, Complete List of PM of Australia, Australia PM’s party term history, Australia’s PMs

List of Australia Prime Ministers, Complete List of PM of Australia, Australia PM’s party term history, Australia's PMs

Elections in Australia take place periodically to elect the legislature of the Commonwealth of Australia, as well as for each Australian state and territory. Elections in all jurisdictions follow similar principles, though there are minor variations between them. The elections for the Australian Parliament are held under the federal electoral system, which is uniform throughout the country, and the electoral systems of each state and territory.masthead-malcolm

Current PM of Australia –– Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is the 29th and current Prime Minister of Australia. Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia on 15 September 2015.

He was Leader of the Opposition from 16 September 2008 to 1 December 2009 and was later Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband.

Turnbull became Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia after he defeated the incumbent Tony Abbott at the September 2015 Liberal leadership ballot.

This is a list of Prime Ministers of Australia along with year and party.

Australian federal election 2016

1901-03 Edmund Barton Protectionist
1903-04 Alfred Deakin Protectionist
1904 John Watson Labor
1904-05 George Reid Free Trade
1905-08 Alfred Deakin Protectionist
1908-09 Andrew Fisher Labor
1909-10 Alfred Deakin Fusion
1910-13 Andrew Fisher Labor
1913-14 Joseph Cook Liberal
1914-15 Andrew Fisher Labor
1915-17 William Hughes Labor
1917-23 William Hughes Nationalist
1923-29 Stanley Bruce Nationalist
1929-32 James Scullin Labor
1932-39 Joseph Lyons United
1939 Earle Page Country
1939-41 Robert Menzies United
1941 Arthur Fadden Country
1941-45 John Curtin Labor
1945 Francis Forde Labor
1945-49 Ben Chifley Labor
1949-66 Robert Menzies Liberal
1966-67 Harold Holt Liberal
1967-68 John McEwan Country
1968-71 John Gorton Liberal
1971-72 John McMahon Liberal
1972-75 Gough Whitlam Labor
1975-83 Malcolm Fraser Liberal
1983-91 Robert Hawke Labor
1991-96 Paul Keating Labor
1996-2007 John Howard Liberal
2007-10 Kevin Rudd Labor
2910-12 Julia Gillard Labor
2012-14 Kevin Rudd Labor
2014-? Tony Abbott Liberal