Austrian presidential election Results Live 2016 Voting December Votes Candidates,Austria presidential election Result by Region
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Austrian presidential election Results Live 2016 Voting December Votes Candidates,Austria presidential election Result by Region

Austria, Europe

Austrian presidential election Results Live 2016 Voting December Votes  Austria Candidates,Austria presidential election Result by Region

Austrian Presidential Election Schedule Date 2016

Presidential Election Date: December 4 2016.

Presidential elections were held in Austria on 24 April 2016, with a second round run-off on 22 May 2016.However, the results of the second round were annulled and a re-vote is due to take place on 4 December 2016.  Austrian Legislative Elections would be held in 2018.

Austrian Presidential Election Results Live 2016

Van Der Bellen received 53.8%. – 2,472,892 Popular Votes

Norbert Hofer received 46.2% –  2,124,661 Popular Votes

Austrian Presidential Election Results 2016 by State

Results by state    
State Hofer   Van der Bellen Valid
  Votes % Votes % Total
 Burgenland 107128 61.43 67249 38.57 174377
 Carinthia 169564 58.1 122299 41.9 291863
 Lower Austria 511010 52.65 459655 47.35 970665
 Salzburg 144938 52.8 129569 47.2 274507
 Styria 381955 56.22 297400 43.78 679355
 Tyrol 169587 48.61 179281 51.39 348868
 Upper Austria 376647 48.68 397119 51.32 773766
 Vienna 288608 36.68 498168 63.32 786776
 Vorarlberg 71217 41.41 100777 58.59 171994
Total valid 2220654 49.65 2251517 50.35 4472171

Austrian Presidential Election Voting Live 2016

  1. Austrian Green Party federal spokeswoman Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek declared victory.
  2. Hofer conceded defeat and said "I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Van der Bellen," Freedom Party (FPOe)
  3. Norbert Hofer said on twitter and Facebook: "Dear friends, I would like to thank you, you have supported me magniificently and I am incredibly sad that it didn't work out, I would have liked to have taken care of our Austria, I congratulate Alexander Van der Bellen on his success and I ask all Austrians to stick together and work together, we are all Austrians, no matter which ballot box we chose. Long live our home Austria."after postal votes are counted.
  4. Austrian right-wing Norbert Hofer said he is not the radical
  5. Hofer Says he wouldn’t push for a referendum on Austria’s exit from the European Union.
  6. Polling places opened at 7 a.m. (6:00GMT), while others are might open in another three hours.
  7. The voting will end by 5 p.m. Almost 6.4 million of eligible voters can cast their ballots.

Austrian Presidential Election Opinion Polls 2016


Austrian presidential election Opinion/Exit Polls


Opinion Polls Have shown mixed trends, although majorly showing Right wing candidate Hofer winning. But the latest poll by Unique Research shows Van Der Bellen winning.


Poll source Sample size


Van der Bellen

Party     FPÖ Greens


Unique Research/ Heute/ ATV 957 49 51
16-Nov Gallup/ Österreich 800 52 48
11-Nov SORA 51 49
04-Nov Gallup/ Österreich 800 51 49

Austrian Presidential Election Details 2016

 Austrian presidential election Candidates

  1. Van der Bellen had won the final round of the election even though Hofer had emerged as the winner of the first round.
  2. The 72-year-old was due to be sworn in as president in a week’s time, on Friday 8 July.
  3.  The election will now be re-run. Tentative dates are November 27, Or December 4.

Austrian Past Presidential Election Results 2010

The Austrian presidential election took place on 25 April 2010. It was the twelfth election of an Austrian head of state since 1951. The candidates were President Heinz Fischer (independent, formerly SPÖ), Barbara Rosenkranz (FPÖ) and Rudolf Gehring (CPÖ). Heinz Fischer won with just under 80% of the valid votes. Turnout was on the historic low of about 54%. Detailed 2010 Election Result Here

Austrian Past Presidential Election Results 2004

Presidential elections were held in Austria on 25 April 2004. The victorious candidate was Heinz Fischer of the opposition Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ). He defeated Benita Ferrero-Waldner, foreign minister in the ruling conservative coalition led by the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP). Detailed 2004 Election Result Here


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