Bulgaria Presidential election 2016 Results Timeline Schedule Candidates Opinion/Exit Poll winner, Presidential Result of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Election result 2016, Bulgaria Presidential election results 2016 Party wise Candidates Votes
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Bulgaria Presidential election 2016 Results Timeline Schedule Candidates Opinion/Exit Poll winner, Presidential Result of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Election result 2016, Bulgaria Presidential election results 2016 Party wise Candidates Votes


Bulgaria Presidential election 2016 Timeline Schedule Results Candidates Opinion/Exit Poll winner, Presidential Result of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Election result 2016, Bulgaria Presidential election results 2016 Party wise Candidates Votes

 The National Assembly (Narodno Sabranie) has 240 members, elected for a four-year term by proportional representation in multi-seat constituencies with a 4% threshold. Bulgaria has a multi-party system, in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each to form governments.

Bulgaria Presidential Elections Result (Round 1 and Round 2)

Presidential elections are being held in Bulgaria on 6 November 2016,alongside a referendum on changes to the electoral system and political party funding.

Bulgarian presidential election, 2016 – Wikipedia

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Rumen Radev Independent 973,754 25.44 2,063,032 59.37
Tsetska Tsacheva GERB 840,635 21.96 1,256,480 36.16
Krasimir Karakachanov United Patriots 573,016 14.97  
Veselin Mareshki Independent 427,660 11.17
Plamen Oresharski Independent 253,726 6.63
Traycho Traykov Reformist Bloc 224,734 5.87
Ivailo Kalfin Alternative for Bulgarian Revival 125,531 3.28

Bulgaria Elections Live Voting 2016 

  1. Voters in Bulgaria Voting to elect a new president from among 21 candidates.
  2. Polling stations opened on November 6 with the latest election surveys showing no candidate likely to win the 50 percent required to win.
  3. Preliminary results expected shortly after voting, with final results to be announced on November 8.
  4. The runoff, on Nov 13, is expected to be a close race, with Opinion Polls predicting a win for Radev.  
  5. Leading candidate is parliament speaker Tsetska Tsacheva GERB party of PM Boiko Borisov.
  6. 6.83 million Bulgarians are eligible to vote, with nearly 12 500 polling stations opened up.
  7. Voting begins at 07:00 local time (EET) and continues until 20:00, to be extended by 21:00
  8. Borisov said he will step down if Tsacheva loses the first round.

About Bulgaria Election 2016 

  1. Bulgaria’s 2016 presidential elections: Voters to have ‘I don’t support anyone’ optionRecord 23 candidates in Bulgaria’s November 2016 presidential elections

  2. Official campaigning in Bulgaria’s November 2016 presidential elections got underway on the weekend of October 9 and 10, with major parties and coalitions staking their bids for the candidates to be the country’s next head of state.

Bulgaria Latest Opinion Poll 2016 – Bulgarian main ruling party's candidate Tsetska Tsacheva is set to lose

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Bulgaria Election Schedule Dates 2016

  • Presidential elections will be held in Bulgaria on 6 November 2016.
  • The President of Bulgaria is elected using the two-round system.

Bulgarian Election Facts 2016

  • Number of presidential candidates (each with a vice-presidential candidate): 21. Voters also have the option of voting for “I don’t support anyone”.
  • Number of presidential candidates who formerly worked for State Security in the communist era: 3.
  • Questions in the referendum: Apart from the one about compulsory votings, the other two are about introducing a majoritarian system in electing MPs, and about cutting state subsidies for parties to one lev for each vote in the most recent parliamentary election.
  • Number of voters: In the presidential election, 6 834 278, and in the national referendum, 6 832 288, according to the Central Election Commission.
  • Number of polling stations: In Bulgaria, 12 418. Outside Bulgaria, 325, in a total of 71 countries.
  • Voting hours: Polls open at 7am close at 8pm. Outside the country, the equivalent local times apply. Local election officials may allow those still queuing at the time polls close, to proceed to vote.
  • Number of times Bulgaria’s Electoral Code has been amended by Parliament since 2010: 11.
  • The President’s term of office: Five years. Whoever is elected in November 2016 will take office in January 2017. Bulgaria’s constitution specifies a two-term limit for the President.
  • Eligibility to vote: All citizens aged 18 years or older on election day have the right to vote, except those serving a prison sentence, regardless of the severity of the crime.
  • Voting: Apart from traditional ballot paper voting, voting machines will be available at about 500 polling stations.
  • Police on duty: An additional 20 000 police are being drafted for duty on election day.
  • Number of polling agencies registered to conduct a parallel count: Five.
  • Budget for the 2016 presidential elections and national referendum: 47.08 million leva. Last-minute changes to the Electoral Code added 250 000 leva in expenses, according to the Central Election Commission.
  • Interior Ministry hotline to report breaches of electoral law: (02) 982 2232 or e-mail izbori@mvr.bg

Bulgaria Presidential Election Results 2011

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Rosen Plevneliev GERB 13,49,380 40.11 16,98,136 52.58
Ivaylo Kalfin Bulgarian Socialist Party 9,74,300 28.96 15,31,193 47.42
Meglena Kuneva Initiative committee 4,70,808 14  
Volen Siderov Attack 1,22,466 3.64
Stefan Solakov National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria 84,205 2.5
Rumen Hristov Union of Democratic Forces 65,761 1.95
Atanas Semov Order Law and Justice 61,797 1.84
Svetoslav Vitkov Initiative committee 54,125 1.61
Sali Ibrayim National Movement Unity 41,837 1.24
Krasimir Karakachanov IMRO – Bulgarian National Movement 33,236 0.99
Aleksey Petrov Initiative committee 31,613 0.94
Maria Kapon United People's Party 30,665 0.91
Nikolay Nenchev Bulgarian Agrarian National Union 9,827 0.29
Pavel Chernev Party for the People of the Nation 8,081 0.24
Ventsislav Yosifov Initiative committee 7,021 0.21
Dimitar Kutsarov Initiative committee 6,989 0.21
Andrey Chorbanov Bulgarian Democratic Unity 6,340 0.19
Nikolay Vasilev Initiative committee 5,633 0.17
Total valid votes 33,64,084 100 32,29,329 100
Invalid/blank votes 2,29,844 6.4 1,04,837 3.14
Votes cast 35,93,928 100 33,34,166 100
Registered voters/turnout 68,73,589 52.29 69,10,491 48.25
Source: Electoral Commission of Bulgaria


Bulgaria Parliamentary Candidates 2016

The incumbent President, Rosen Plevneliev, announced in May 2016 that he would not be running for re-election.

Presidential candidate Vice presidential running-mate Party  
George Ganchev Kolyo Paramov Christian Social Union  
Krasimir Karakachanov Yavor Notev United Patriots  
Rumen Radev Iliana Yotova Independentsupported by Bulgarian Socialist Party  
Tatyana Doncheva Mincho Spasov Movement 21  
National Movement for Stability and Progress  
Traicho Traikov Sabi Subev Reformist Bloc  
Velizar Enchev Bilyana Grancharova Movement for Radical Change Bulgarian Spring  
Veselin Mareshki Independent  
Dimitar Marinov (aka Mityo Pishtova) Radoslav Petrov(Rado Shisharkata) Bulgarian National Unification  
Vladimir Kuzov Borislav Noev Independent  
Kamen Popov Georgi Nedelchev Independent  
Yuzeir Yuzeirov Independent  
Svetoslav Vitkov Ivan Velkov People's Voice  
The Greens  
Nikolay Banev Vladimir Bereanu Independent  
Ivaylo Kalfin Alternative for Bulgarian Revival  
George's Day Movement  

The following are nominated by parties, coalitions or initiative committees without representation in Parliament:

Record 23 candidates in Bulgaria’s November 2016 presidential elections

Svetoslav Vitkov and Ivan Velkov (initiative committee)

Vesselin Mareshki and Petar Petrov (initiative committee)

Velizar Enchev and Bilyana Gruncharova (Movement for Radical Change Bulgarian Spring, political party)

Plamen Oresharski and Danail Papazov (standing as independents)

George Ganchev and Kolyo Paramov (Christian Democratic Union)

Diana Dimitrova and Gabriel Gerassimov (standing as independents)

Bisser “The Stain” Milanov and Krassimir Nastev (standing as independents)

Vladimir Kuzov and Borisslav Noev (standing as independents)

Alexander Tomov and Radoslav Radoslavov (Bulgarian Social Democrats – Euroleft, political party)

Yordanka Koleva and Vesselin Hristov (initiative committee)

Tatyana Doncheva and Mincho Spassov (Movement 21 – NMSP, political election coalition)

Gospodin Tonchev and Andrei Andreev (Bulgarian Democratic Union, political party)

Kamen Popov and Georgi Nedelchev (standing as independents)

Roumen Gulbinov and Veska Voleva (initiative committee)

Kemal Ramadan and Momchil Dobrev (Balkan Democratic League, political party)

Plamen Paskov and Svetozar Suev (standing as independents)

Dimitar “Mityo Pishtova” Marinov and Radoslav “Rado Shisharkata” Petrov (Bulgarian National Union, political party)

Nikolai Banev and Sali Ibryam (standing as independents)

 Bulgaria Parliamentary Election Results 2014













Votes % Seats +/–
GERB 1072491 32.67 84 –13
BSP – Left Bulgaria 505527 15.4 39 –45
Movement for Rights and Freedoms 487134 14.84 38 2
Reformist Bloc 291806 8.89 23 23
Patriotic Front 239101 7.28 19 19
Bulgaria without Censorship 186938 5.69 15 New
Attack 148262 4.52 11 –12
Alternative for Bulgarian Revival 136223 4.15 11 New
Movement 21 39221 1.2 0 New
People's Voice 37335 1.14 0 0



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