EU Referendum: Brexit Election Results Live Voting %, 23rd June Brexit Opinion Polls 2016 Latest News Update, Brexit Election Results 2016, Brexit Election Day, Brexit Voting % Live, Brexit Latest News, What happens if Britain leaves EU
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EU Referendum: Brexit Election Results Live Voting %, 23rd June Brexit Opinion Polls 2016 Latest News Update, Brexit Election Results 2016, Brexit Election Day, Brexit Voting % Live, Brexit Latest News, What happens if Britain leaves EU

Europe, United Kingdom

EU Referendum: Brexit Election Results Live Voting %, 23rd June Brexit Opinion Polls 2016 Latest News Update, Brexit Election Results 2016, Brexit Election Day, Brexit Voting % Live, Brexit Latest News, What happens if Britain leaves EU

VOTER TURNOUT (382 of 382 local authorities declared) : 72.16%, LEAVE: 52% (17.41 million votes) , REMAIN: 48% (16.14 million votes)

Live Results Update

  1. 11th July 2016: Conservatives leader elections: Therasa May – Set to become next PM of UK after main opponent Andrea Leadsom quits. 
  2. UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who is facing calls to resign as the PM, will address the nation shortly. 
  3. Britain votes to leave the European Union
  4. Scotland votes to 'Remain' in the EU; every council in Scotland saw remain majorities
  5. The Leave side has surpassed the 16,813,000 vote target required to win the EU referendum, meaning the EU referendum resultsUK has officially voted to leave the bloc.
  6. Britain votes to leave EU in historic divorce, reports Reuters
  7. The Prime Minister will speak in the next few minutes and is expected to call for "stability and unity".
  8. Pound Plunges to 31 Year low as #brexit votes to LEAVE.
  9. 46.3% reporting completed REMAIN at 48.6% and  LEAVE 51.4% 8:19 AM
  10. 200 of 382 results declared, Brexit LEAVE camp leads with 7.8 million votes i.e, 51.69 %, compared to 7.3 million for “Remain”, or 48.31 %. 





  11. Thanet voted to leave
    Daventry voted to leave
    Lancaster voted to leave 
    South Staffordshire voted to leave
    Salford voted to leave
    Newark & Sherwood voted to leave
    South Holland voted to leave
    Plymouth voted to leave
    Blackburn with Darwen voted to leave
    Tunbridge Wells voted to remain
  12. Machester votes to Remain
  13. USD 1.50 to almost USD 1.40 as results began to show stronger-than-expected support for quitting.
  14. Pound Plunge 6%. Investors flee as Brexit votes for Leave reports coming in

Watch Live Voting Updates on 23rd June EU Referendum (Brexit) 

6:35 PM:  Media reports, that All Voters are required and urged to carry their own pens. (Pens or pencils, there is a theory that government could try to change their votes)Brexit 2016 Live Voting

6:30 PM: A Man Stabbed outside Polling station, Chaos Created, Is Out of danger.

6:30 PM: Stock Markets show positive sign as Brexit seems positive sign to Remain. 

5:00 PM: Few Polling Stations shut down due to Heavy Rain. In Few Polling Stations Water as high as 6 feet. 

5:00 PM: Reports on Social Media on High Voter Turnout.

5:00 PM: The pound surged in morning deals to $1.4947 — its highest level since December 28.

2: 30 PM: Heavy rains in southeast England flooded streets, disrupted travel and closed two polling stations on Thursday.

1:22 PM: The final online poll to be published ahead of announcement of results early Friday morning has put the Remain campaign in a healthy a 10-point lead over Leave.

About nine hours are left before polls close in Britain to decide whether to stay in the European Union or leave. The vote is popularly called 'Brexit vote'.

1:15 PM: As per The Independent, the Populus poll, conducted online and before voting opened, shows Remain on 55 percent and Leave on 45.

So far, almost all polls have put Remain ahead though within the margin of error for political surveys.

1:35 PM:Former UK PM Tony Blair has tweeted a photo of himself with a Remain placard convincing UK voters to utilise this historic opportunity of establishing Britain as an influential nation.

Other Important Links

08:45 am: Yellow and amber weather warnings issued by Met Office, harsh weather could affect voting across the United Kingdom.

08:30 am: 'Leave' and 'Remain' camps are neck and neck in pre-poll analyses ahead of a vote to decide if Britin will remain in the EU.

07:10 am : Polls open in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar for the UK's EU membership referendum.

07:10 am : Voting begins in EU referendum as polls say result too close to call.

07: 00 am: Turnout is likely to be announced earlier, which may give an indication of the result to come, with a high turnout expected to favour the "Remain" camp.

Time (U.S. Eastern in parenthesis) Event
7 a.m. (2.a.m.) Polling stations open
10 p.m. (5 p.m.) Polling stations close, no exit polls
Around 11:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m.) First announcements on voter turnout
12:30 a.m. (7:30 p.m.) Results expected for first counting areas
3-4 a.m. (10-11 p.m.) Results from half of the counting areas are in
Around 5 a.m. (midnight) About 80% of counting areas have reported results
7 a.m. (2 a.m.) All votes are likely to have been counted and the official result is expected shortly after.

10: 51 am There are 382 local counting areas, including Gibraltar, which will all declare their results independently throughout the night.

10: 45 am : There are no official exit polls because polling experts say the lack of recent comparable votes in Britain could make the results less reliable.

10:42 am: There are a total of 46,499,537 registered voters, according to the latest figures from the Electoral Commission. This is more than in last year's general election when 46,354,197 people were registered. The results are expected early on Friday morning.

Highlights Important Points.

  1. What does Brexit Mean? – Brexit means Britain – Exit from the European Union.
  2. When is Brexit Elections? – It is on 23rd of June 2016.
  3. Who will Vote in Brexit? – All voters of UK who are eligile to vote in Normal general elections i.e people above the age of 18 British Citizens registered as voters can vote.
  4. What Do Opinion Polls Say? – Here is the Summary of all Opinion Polls of UK Brexit. Read Brexit Summary of all opinion polls.


What happens if UK leaves EU i.e what if Brexit votes Leave.

  1. David Cameron might announce his exit may not be immediately. He may stand down to make way for another leader who could complete formalities for Britain's exit from EU.
  2. It is expected that the pound will almost fall significantly, as will as share prices,
  3. People are hoping that Britain will vote to Remain in EU but if not then the banking stocks and multinationals might fall.


Why do some in Britain want to leave the EU?

Many people in Britain believe that EU is making inroads into British sovereignty. Many in the ruling Conservative Party and the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) believe that the EU has changed since the time it was formed and that it was impacting daily life.

Some key issues are:


As EU's membership expanded, more Europeans, especially from poorer EU nations, started migrating to U.K. using the “freedom of movement” clause. The anti-immigration parties argue this puts a severe strain on national resources and add up to welfare expenditure. The pro-EU members argue that EU migrants contribute more to the national economy than they take out.


The Remain side argues that in the era of international terrorism and criminality, cooperating with the EU will make the U.K. safer, while the other side says that the security risk will in fact increase if the U.K. does not have control over its borders.


The Remain side argues that as three million jobs are tied to the EU there could be a jobs crisis if the U.K. leaves the EU; Brexiteers claim that there will be a jobs boom without the fetters that EU regulations impose.


On trade, the Remain side says that access to the single European market, free of tariffs and border controls, is critical for the U.K. as 45 per cent of its trade is with the EU. The Leave side says that the EU needs British markets and individual trade deals with European countries can be easily negotiated.


Remain argues that leaving the EU will put the dominance of London, the Europe’s financial centre, at risk as banks will move out, whereas the Brexiteers argue that London’s status is unassailable as it is already a global power base.


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