EU Referendum Brexit Latest News Updates 2016, What After Brexit, Brexit Latest Updates, Brexit News, Brexit Opinion Poll for re election

EU Referendum: Brexit Latest News Updates 2016, What after Brexit

Brexit Latest News Updates 2016:

Who is Therasa May | New Cabinet Ministers of UK

  1. 13th July 2016: Conservatives leader elections: Therasa May takes charge as PM of UK. David Cameroon resigns officially. What to expect. Read More.

  2. 11th July 2016: Conservatives leader elections: Therasa May – Set to become next PM of UK after main opponent Andrea Leadsom quits. 

  3. 6th July 2016: Conservatives leader elections: Therasa May frontrunner – Wins First Round for UK PM race. Second Round on Thursday, 7th July.

  4. 4th July 2016 : Nigel Farage resigns as UKIP leader says I want my life back
  5. Nigel Farage is stepping down as leader of Ukip, saying he has done his bit for the cause of Britain leaving the EU.
  6. IMF boss Christine Lagarde says Brexit could cost UK up to 4.5% of GDP by 2019
  7. Corbyn says he is carrying on as Labour leader and asks for the party to remain united.
  8. Conservative leadership contest participants are – Theresa May, Micheal Gove, Stephen Crabb, Andrea Leadsom, Liam Fox

Highlights on Latest Updates After Brexit

  1. Brexit research suggests 1.2 million Leave voters regret their choice in reversal that could change result
  2. UP to 7 % of Brexit Voters who voted for Leave regretting their decision.Brexit 2016 Live Voting
  3. IF the survey findings are projected on Actually votes of EU Referendum it would reduce nearly 7 % of the votes counted for Leave.
  4. More than 50% people surveyed believed UKs economy as worsened and would effect its economy if Brexit implemented.
  5. More than 4 Million people have till now signed referendum for second EU Referendum but Government has ruled out another vote on the issue called "Neverendum" by David Cameron.
  6. The referendum result is not binding. It is advisory. Parliament is not bound to commit itself in that same direction.
  7. There are lot of issues to be tackled before Brexit actually takes place.






    1. Sterling Falling
    2. Scotland, the Irish border
    3. Need to continue compliance with all EU regulations for a free market,
    4. Re-issuing passports,
    5. Brits abroad,
    6. EU citizens in Britain
    7. All Legislations to be rewritten.
  8. Who will want to have the responsibility of all those ramifications and consequences on his/her head and shoulders?
  9. Many Believe that Brexit is unachievable in reality without an enormous amount of pain and destruction.
  10. Boris Johnson said the responsibility of implementing the Brexit was “up to somebody else now” and ruled himself out to become Prime Minister after Michael Gove’s shock entry into the contest.
  11. “What have you done to this country?” one man asked, accusing the former Mayor of London of “abandoning a sinking ship”. Mr Johnson replied: “It seems absolutely fine to me, rubbish.”