Ireland Presidential election 2018 voting live

Ireland Presidential election 2018 Results Voting Live

Ireland Presidential election Dates 2018

Ireland Presidential election Date:  26 October 2018

The next Irish presidential election will take place in November 2018 at the latest. The incumbent president is Michael D. Higgins, who was elected in 2011. The next election must be held within the sixty days preceding the end of this term, which expires on 10 November 2018. However, if the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office, or becomes permanently incapacitated before that date, an election must be held within sixty days of that event.

Ireland Presidential election Voting Live 2018 

1.Presidential elections are conducted in line with Article 12 of the Constitution and under the Presidential Elections Act 1993, as amended. The orders for the polling including the date of the election will be made by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government.

2.Elections are conducted by means of the alternative vote (also called instant-runoff voting), which is the single-winner analogue of the single transferable vote used in other Irish elections. Although the constitution calls the system "proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote", a single-winner election cannot be proportional.

Electoral system of Ireland

Residents of the state who are Irish citizens or British citizens may participate in elections to the national parliament. Residents who are citizens of any EU state may vote in European Parliament elections, while any resident, regardless of citizenship, may participate in local elections.

The rights of Irish citizens living outside Ireland to vote are heavily restricted. Only members of the armed forces and diplomatic staff abroad may vote in Dáil (lower house) elections, while only expatriates who are graduates of the National University of Ireland or Trinity College, Dublin may vote in Seanad (upper house) elections. However, in March 2017, the Taoiseach (prime minister) announced that a referendum would be held to amend the Constitution to allow expatriate Irish citizens to vote in presidential elections.

Ireland 2018 election results 

The count began at 9 a.m. on Saturday 27 October.

Irish presidential election 2018
Candidate Nominated by % 1st Pref Count 1
Peter Casey   County and City Councils 55.81 8,22,566
Gavin Duffy   County and City Councils 23.25 3,42,727
Joan Freeman   County and City Councils 6.41 94,514
Seán Gallagher   County and City Councils 6.38 93,987
Michael D. Higgins   Himself as incumbent president 5.96 87,908
Liadh Ní Riada   Oireachtas: Sinn Féin 2.18 32,198
Electorate: 3,401,681   Valid: 1,473,900   Spoilt: 18,438   Quota: 736,951   Turnout: 1,492,338 (43.9%)


Candidates for Presidential election

Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Labour Party, Solidarity–People Before Profit.

Ireland past election results 

Irish presidential election, 2011

Party Candidate Nominated by  % 1st Pref Count 1 Count 2 Count 3 Count 4
  Labour Party Michael D. Higgins Oireachtas: Labour Party 39.6 701,101 730,480 793,128 1,007,104
  Independent Seán Gallagher County and City Councils 28.5 504,964 529,401 548,373 628,114
  Sinn Féin Martin McGuinness Oireachtas: Sinn Féin & Independents 13.7 243,030 252,611 265,196  
  Fine Gael Gay Mitchell Oireachtas: Fine Gael 6.4 113,321 127,357 136,309  
  Independent David Norris County and City Councils 6.2 109,469 116,526    
  Independent Dana Rosemary Scallon County and City Councils 2.9 51,220      
  Independent Mary Davis County and City Councils 2.7 48,657