Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2018 Results live
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Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2018 Results live


Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2018 Results live

Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies Dates 2018 – 14 Oct 2018 

Luxumbourg has 256,000 voters in order to choose 60 deputies, but eight parties are in the race and the next government will likely result from coalition talks.

Voting to take place from 8:00am (0600 GMT) to 2:00pm. The Chamber of Deputies ( Luxembourgish:  D'Chamber,  French: Chambre des Députés, German: Abgeordnetenkammer), abbreviated to the Chamber, is the unicameral  national legislature  of Luxembourg. Krautmaart (French: Marché aux herbes, English: "Herb Market") is sometimes used as a metonym for the Chamber, after the square on which the Hôtel de la Chambre (Luxembourgish: Chambergebai, English: "Hall of the Chamber of Deputies") is located.

The Chamber is made up of 60 seats. Deputies are elected to serve five-year terms by proportional representation in four multi-seat constituencies. Voters may vote for as many candidates as the constituency elects deputies.

Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies 2018 Voting live


Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies Voting Live 2018 

1.The function of the Chamber of Deputies is covered under Chapter IV of the Constitution of Luxembourg, the first article of which states that the purpose of the Chamber is to represent the country. Luxembourg is a parliamentary democracy, in which the Chamber is elected by universal suffrage under the d'Hondt method of Party-list proportional representation.

2.All laws must be passed by the Chamber.Each bill must be submitted to two votes in the Chamber, with an interval of at least three months between the votes, for it to become law. Laws are passed by the absolute majority, provided that a quorum of half of the deputies is present.

Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies Opinion Poll

Top 3 leaders which are the front runners are:-

  1. Bettel of the liberal DP,
  2. Claude Wiseler of the centre-right CSV and
  3. Etienne Schneider of the socialist LSAP.

Right now CSV has 23 members in the current parliament but to form government and majority would need atleast a 31 seat.

Electoral system of Luxembourg

Deputies are elected by universal suffrage every five years, with the last election having been held on 20 October 2013. Deputies are elected by open list proportional representation, whereby all electors may vote for as many candidates as their constituency has seats. Each party is allocated a number of seats in proportion to the total number of votes cast for its candidates in that constituency. These seats are then allocated to that party's candidates in descending order of votes that each candidate received.

Candidates for Chamber of Deputies election


Luxembourg Parties and leaders 

  • Christian Social People's Party (23)
  • Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (13)
  • Democratic Party (13)
  • The Greens (6)
  • Alternative Democratic Reform Party (3)
  • The Left (2)

Luxembourg past election results 

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Christian Social People's Party 1,103,636 33.68 23 –3
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party 664,586 20.28 13 0
Democratic Party 597,879 18.25 13 +4
The Greens 331,920 10.13 6 –1
Alternative Democratic Reform Party 217,683 6.64 3 –1
The Left 161,759 4.94 2 +1
Pirate Party Luxembourg 96,270 2.94 0 New
Communist Party of Luxembourg 53,669 1.64 0 0
Party for Full Democracy 49,290 1.50 0 New
Invalid/blank votes 14,896
Total 218,453 100 60 0
Registered voters/turnout 239,668 91.15


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