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Malta General election Dates 2017

Malta General election Date: 3 June 2017

General elections will be held in Malta on Saturday, 3 June 2017. The elections will be contested by the Labour Party, led by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the Nationalist Party, led by opposition leader Simon Busuttil, and four other parties and will see the most parties fielding candidates since 1962.

The previous general elections were held on Saturday, 9 March 2013. The Labour Party, led by Muscat, defeated the incumbent Nationalist Party of Lawrence Gonzi in a landslide victory, taking 39 seats in the House of Representatives, against 30 for the Nationalist Party. However, on 5 February 2015 the Constitutional Court ordered two additional seats to be given to the Nationalist Party.The Labour Party lost a further seat when Marlene Farrugia resigned from the Labour parliamentary group, later forming the Democratic Party.

Malta General election 2017 Results Live

Party Votes Vote %
PL 144,936 54.86%
PN 115,914 43.88%
AD 2115 0.8%

Registered Voters

341,846 100%
Votes Cast 267,650 78.3%
Valid Votes 264,185 98.7%
  1. PM Joseph Muscat wins snap poll.
  2. 25,000 new votes but 34,000 difference between PL and PN

Malta Cabinet Ministers List 2013 – 2017

Malta cabinet ministers new list has not yet been announced.


Minister Political party Assumed office
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat Labour 11-03-2013
Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech Labour 11-03-2013
Minister of European Affairs      
Minister for the Economy, Investment, and Small Business Christian Cardona Labour 11-03-2013
Minister of Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo Labour 11-03-2013
Minister of Health Chris Fearne Labour 11-04-2014
Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Climate Change Leo Brincat Labour 11-03-2013
Minister of Family and Social Solidarity Michael Farrugia Labour 29-03-2014
Minister of Finance Edward Scicluna Labour 11-03-2013
Minister of Foreign Affairs George William Vella Labour 11-03-2013
Minister of Gozo Anton Refalo Labour 11-03-2013
Minister of Home Affairs and National Security Carmelo Abela Labour 09-12-2014
Minister of Justice, Culture, and Local Government Owen Bonnici Labour 29-03-2014
Minister of Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs, and Civil Liberties Helena Dalli Labour 11-03-2013
Minister of Tourism Edward Zammit Lewis Labour 29-03-2014
Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Joe Mizzi Labour 29-03-2014

Malta General election 2017 Voting Live

  1. The polls opened at 7 a.m. (0500 UTC) and were to close at 10 p.m. Turnout in Malta is normally above 90 percent.
  2. Opinion polls gave the 43-year-old Muscat and his Labour party a 5 percent lead but also showed many voters were undecided until the vote. The president will ask the leader of the party that wins the most votes to form a government.

Malta General election 2017 Candidates List Parties

PN and PD announced 110 candidates for general election

About Malta election 2017

Muscat was sworn in as the new Prime Minister on 11 March. The cabinet of 15 ministers was the largest cabinet in Maltese history. This record was again surpassed when Muscat announced a cabinet reshuffle following the appearance of Minister Konrad Mizzi's name in the Panama Papers; the new cabinet featured 16 ministers as well as the Prime Minister.Mizzi was included in the new cabinet as Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister. Prior to the 2013 elections, Muscat had pledged that the size of his Cabinet would never exceed the size of the largest Cabinet of the Fenech Adami administrations, the largest of which consisted of 13 ministers.

Following their defeat, Gonzi stepped down as leader of the Nationalists, with Simon Busuttil taking his place on 13 May.

As of 2016, Busuttil contesting as the Nationalist candidate as potential prime minister in the next election.

On 1 May 2017 Muscat announced a snap election to take place on 3 June 2017. The announcement was made during a May Day rally organised by the Labour Party in Valletta.

Malta General election Voting Live 2017

Snap elections would take place live on 3rd June 2017.

Malta General election Results Live 2017

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Electoral system of Malta

The Maltese voting system is a variant of proportional representation, achieved through the use of the single transferable vote, with five MPs to be returned from each of thirteen districts. Overall, there are 65 constituency seats, with a variable number of at-large seats added to ensure that the overall first-preference votes are reflected in the composition of the House of Representatives

Candidates for General election 2017


Malta Parties and leaders

The Maltese political landscape is regarded as one of the most pure two-party systems of the 21st century, and has been dominated by moderate centre-left and centre-right groups for decades; no third parties have elected MPs since the 1962 election. Six parties are expected to field candidates in the 2018 election, the first time since 1962 that Maltese voters will have that many parties on the ballot:

The Labour Party (PL) of incumbent Prime Minister Joseph Muscat held a majority in the legislature since the 2013 election, with 38 MPs at dissolution. The Labour Party traditionally pursues social democratic ideals, and is rooted in the mainstream European centre-left.
The Nationalist Party (PN) of opposition leader Simon Busuttil is the major opposition party in parliament, with 29 MPs at dissolution. The party's last prime minister was Lawrence Gonzi, who also served as prime minister from 2004 to 2013. For much of its history, the PN has embraced conservatism and Christian democracy, as well as European integration.

The Democratic Party (PD) which was founded when Labour MP Marlene Farrugia left her party on 4 June 2016. It had 1 MP (Farrugia herself) at dissolution. Under a coalition agreement announced on 28 April 2017 PD candidates will contest the election as Nationalist candidates, with the additional descriptor "tal-orange", and any elected PD members would participate in a potential Nationalist-led government.
The Democratic Alternative (AD), led by Arnold Cassola since 2013, is the most successful contemporary third party in Malta. It is, however, not represented in parliament. Originally an offshoot from the Labour Party in 1989, the party stresses green politics and sustainable development.
Moviment Patrijotti Maltin (MPM), an offshoot of the anti-immigration group Għaqda Patrijotti Maltin led by Henry Battistino which campaigns against illegal immigration, Malta's participation in the Schengen Area, and Islam in Malta.
Alleanza Bidla (AB), a conservative Christian and Eurosceptic party led by Ivan Grech Mintoff

Malta General election Opinion Poll






Date Polling Firm PL PN AD PD Others Lead
21-05-2017 MaltaToday 51.9 47.3 0.8 with PN 0 4.6
21-05-2017 Malta Independent 56.2 42.7 0.4 with PN 0.5 13.4
14-05-2017 MaltaToday 52 47 0.6 with PN 0.4 5
14-05-2017 Malta Independent 52.9 43.9 2.4 with PN 0.8 9