French Polls: Marine Le Pen Winning in Elections 2017: Manuel Valls, PM Says

French Polls: Marine Le Pen Winning in Elections 2017: Manuel Valls, PM Says

France's PM Manuel Valls has said far-right leader Marine Le Pen may win next year's presidential election, looking at other far right leaders like Donald Trump's shock win in the United States. While attending a Berlin economic conference, Mr Valls said "It's possible,"  the populist candidate of France's anti-immigration National Front could win.

Who is Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen (French pronunciation: ​[ma.ʁin lə.pɛn]; born 5 August 1968) is a French politician who is the president of the National Front (FN), a national-conservative political party in France and one of its main political forces. An attorney by profession, she is the youngest daughter of longtime FN leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. She is the aunt of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.

Le Pen joined the National Front in 1986 and has been elected as a regional councillor (1998–present), a Member of European Parliament (2004–present), and a municipal councillor in Hénin-Beaumont (2008-2011). She was a candidate for the leadership of the FN in 2011 and won with 67.65% (11,546 votes) of the vote, defeating her opponent Bruno Gollnisch and succeeding her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, president of the party for nearly forty years.She then became the second president of the party.

The next year, she placed third in the presidential election with 17.90% of the vote, behind François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy

French presidential election schedule 2017

The next French presidential election is scheduled to be held in April and May 2017. Incumbent president François Hollande is eligible to run for a second term.

Socialist Party (France) presidential primary, 2017

The primary will be held on 22 January 2017, with a runoff election to be held on 29 January between the two candidates with the most votes should no candidate win 50 percent of the vote. 
The 2017 French Socialist Party presidential primary will be held to select candidate of the French Socialist Party and Radical Party of the Left for the 2017 presidential election.It will be the second open primary (primaires citoyennes) held by the socialist parties, after the primary in 2011, where François Hollande defeated Martine Aubry to become the Socialist Party nominee. Hollande went on to defeat incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 presidential election.


List of French Presidents

List of French Prime Ministers

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French presidential election Result 2012

French presidential election Result 2007

Its Candidates


  1. Arnaud Montebourg, former Minister for Industrial Renewal, Minister for Economy and anti-austerity campaigner 
  2. Benoît Hamon, former Minister of National Education 
  3. Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, Socialist senator 
  4. Gerard Filoche, unionist 


  1. François Hollande, President of France 
  2. Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France

French Presidential Election Opinion poll for first round of voting



Polling firm/Link




Fieldwork/ Sample A/U        
  publication date size          
        Nicolas Sarkozy Alain Juppé Marine Le Pen François Hollande
Sofres 21.10.16–23.10.16 1005     28 28 9
        20   26 10
          34 29 12
        22   28 13
          28 28  
        21   27  
          33 29  
BVA 14.10.16–19.10.16 916     37 29 11
        22   27.5 13
          33 26 9
        20   25 9.5
          39 29  
        22   28  
Elabe 20.09.16–21.09.16 18659 0.17   34 28 15
      0.16 23   27 16
      0.12   26 27 12
      0.13 18   25 12.5
      0.12   28 27  
      0.14 18   26  
      0.14   29.5 27  
      0.16 19   26.5