Netherlands Muslim Population Percentage 2017 By City Demographics Religion Deutch

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Netherlands Muslim Population Percentage 2017 By City Demographics Religion

Find Netherlands Muslim Population Percentage 2017. Islam is the second largest religion in the Netherlands after various forms of Christianity, practiced by 4% of the population according to 2012 estimates. The majority of Muslims in the Netherlands belong to the Sunni denomination. Most reside in the nation's four major cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

The early history of Islam in the Netherlands can be traced to the 16th century when Ottoman traders began settling in the nation's port cities. While religious exposure arrived via trade partnerships, improvised Mosques in Amsterdam were first constructed in the early 17th century. In the ensuing timeframe, the Netherlands experienced sporadic Muslim immigration from the Dutch East Indies during its status as a colony of the Netherlands. Starting with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire through the independence of Indonesia, the greater Kingdom of the Netherlands contained the world's largest Muslim citizenry. However, the number of Muslims in the Kingdom's European territories was very low, accounting for less than 0.1% of the population.
The Netherlands' economic resurgence in the 1960 to 1973 timeframe motivated the Dutch government to recruit migrant labor, chiefly from Turkey and Morocco. Later waves of immigrants arrived through family reunification and asylum seeking. A notable portion of Muslim immigrants also arrived from now-independent colonies, primarily Indonesia and Suriname.

Netherlands Muslim Population By City Demographics Religion

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), a Dutch governmental institution, about 5% of the total Dutch population are Muslims (24 October 2007). Earlier statistics presented by the CBS showed a larger number of Muslims, but this information was solely based on ethnicity and not on religious belief


Netherlands Muslim Population By City Percentage 2017  

Like most non-Western immigrants, most Muslims live in the four major cities of the country, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. An estimated 140,000 Muslims reside in the capital where they form around 17 per cent of the population. Half of these Muslims are predominantly Arabic and Berber-speaking communities from the Maghreb region, Egypt and the Middle East. Turks make up 25 per cent of the Muslim population in Amsterdam. There are also relatively many Turks in Enschede, Arnhem and Zaanstad.

There were 850,000 Dutch residents who professed Islam in 2006. Of this 38% were ethnic Turkish, 31% were Moroccan, 26% were other Asian/African, 4% were European (Non-Dutch) and 1% (12,000 people) were native Dutch. 40,000 of the Muslims were Pakistanis, 34,000 were Surinamese, 31,000 were Afghan and 27,000 were Iraqi. At the end of 2012 the number of Muslims is estimated to be around 4% of the total Dutch population according to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics.

Europe Muslim Population by Cities

According to the Pew Forum, the total number of Muslims in Europe in 2010 was about 44 million (6%). The total number of Muslims in the European Union in 2010 was about 19 million (3.8%). The French capital of Paris and its metropolitan area has the largest number (up to 1.7 million according to The Economist) of Muslims out of any city in the European Union. London also has a substantial community of Muslim origin, numbering about 1 million within the limits of Greater London and exceeding this figure when the entire metropolitan area is taken into account.

If the current rate of migration of Muslims to Europe and the Muslim fertility rate remains constant, by 2030, people of Muslim faith or origin are predicted to form about 10% of the French population and 8% of the European population.

List of all Muslim Majority Cities in Europe. 

City Member state  % Muslim (est.)
Bradford  Netherlands 32.40%
Birmingham  Netherlands 26.90%
Brussels  Netherlands 25.50%
Marseille  France 25%
Rotterdam  Netherlands 25%
Malmö  Sweden 20%
Roubaix  France 20%
Leicester  Netherlands 18.60%
Antwerp  Netherlands 16.90%
Manchester  Netherlands 15.80%
Paris  France 15%
The Hague  Netherlands 14.20%
Amsterdam  Netherlands 14%
Offenbach  Netherlands 14%
Utrecht  Netherlands 13.20%
Vienna  Austria 12.50%
London  Netherlands 12.40%
Cologne  Netherlands 12%
Frankfurt  Netherlands 11.80%
Copenhagen  Denmark 10%
Berlin  Netherlands 9.00%
Barcelona  Spain 6.50%
Milan  Italy 6%
Dublin  Ireland 2.11%

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