Spain Elections: Rajoy PP Grand Coalition Alliance Government Socialist Coalicion Canaria PP, Coalition talks with Socialists, Spain alliance news, Spain Election News, Spain Government Formation, Spain News 2016

Last Modified: July 14, 2016 at 10:23 am

Spain Elections: Rajoy PP Grand Coalition Alliance Government Socialist Coalicion Canaria PP, Coalition talks with Socialists, Spain alliance news, Spain Election News, Spain Government Formation, Spain News 2016

Latest on Spain Government Formation

  1. Socialist party leader ruled out supporting  PM Mariano Rajoy's People's Party (PP). “We will vote against (Mariano) Rajoy as a prime ministerial candidate,” Sanchez said after a nearly hour-and-a-half meeting with the acting PM.
  2. Can lead to third election after seven months of uncertainty.
  3. Mr Rajoy said he would try to form a new government if asked by the king. The PP is the largest party in parliament but cannot form a coalition.
  4. On July 19, the Congress of Deputies will meet for its first session, and then will consult with King Felipe VI. I think, in the last week of July — the first week of August the vote on Rajoy candidacy will likely to take place," Rivera said

Options left for Government formation

  1. To help put PP Ciudadanos Party and atleast 6 Independents or smaller parties need to support PP. But this would lead to highly unstable governement.
  2. Other option is that PP gets backed by PSOE or the Socialists, but even this looks bleak since it is one of the main rival parties and it would be against the mandate of the people who votes for PSOE.
  3. Third and most dreaded option would be an election again in Spain, which can lead to instability in the country and bad for its economy.

Spain Election results Live VotingWhat Rajoy's PP Party is doing to Form Majority Government and end instability.

  1. Centre-Right People's Party failed to get an absolute majority, they took 33% of the vote, up from 29% in the December election. Now PP has 137 seats in the 350-member, Mr Rajoy will remain prime minister Or head of a coalition or minority administration.
  2. The prime minister tried to form Alliance with Socialiststo form “grand coalition” but Socialist leaders rejected that.
  3. Brexit also had an effect on Spain elections as Spain’s stockmarket fell by 12.4% on June 24th
  4. Mr Rajoy became prime minister in 2011 with Spain deep in recession and had set it on the path to economic recovery, by cleaning up the banks and reforming the labour market.

  5. Rajoy is trying to form Coalition with other smaller parties and had met head of the regional government of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, who also heads Coalicion Canaria party.
  6. The Popular Party won 137 seats in last weekend's vote – the most of any party and 14 more than in December but still not enough for an absolute majority in the 350-seat assembly.
  7. To form a government the PP needs the backing of either its longtime Socialist opponents, who came second in the poll, or that of fourth-placed business friendly party Ciudadanos and several smaller groups.
  8. At the very least, Rajoy would need the other parties to agree to abstain in a confidence vote to allow a minority PP government to function.
  9. The result leaves Spain in confusion and instability, with a coalition government now necessary to reach 176 seats.Rajoy has already expressed a desire to negotiate with the PSOE.

Ciudadanos  Party might agree to support PP on one condition that Rajoy is not the PM candidate.

Current Situation in Spain with Results.

Party Seats 2016 Vote% 2016 Seats 2015 Vote% 2015 Swing (2016 vote% – 2015 vote%)
PP 137 33% 122 28.72% 4.28%
PSOE (Socialists) 85 23% 90 22.01% 1.01%
Unidos Podemos 71 21% 69 20.66% 1.66%
Ciudadanos  32 13% 40 13.93% -0.93%
Others 25 10% 29 14.68% -4.68%

Looking at the Election Results it is clear that PP gained on vote % of Other smaller parties and Independents. From 2015 PP seats were by 15 seats. Still it is not a clear majority and it would need support of atleast in all 176 members which is 39 short of the magic numbers.