Spanish general Election​ 2019 Voting Results Candidates Live
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Spanish general Election​ 2019 Voting Results Candidates Live


Spanish general Election​ 2019 Voting Results Candidates Live

Spanish general Election Dates 2019

Spanish general Election Date: 10 November 2019 

Spanish general Election​ 2019 Voting Results Candidates Live Details can be found here. The November 2019 Spanish general election will be held on Sunday, 10 November 2019, to elect the 14th Cortes Generales of the Kingdom of Spain. All 350 seats in the Congress of Deputies will be up for election, as well as 208 of 266 seats in the Senate.

The election will be held as provided under article 99.5 of the Spanish Constitution, as a result of the failure in government formation negotiations after Pedro Sánchez's failed investiture voting on 23–25 July 2019. On 17 September 2019, King Felipe VI declined to propose any candidate for investiture ahead of the 23 September deadline as a result of the lack of agreement between parties, with a new general election being scheduled for 10 November. The failure in PSOE–Unidas Podemos negotiations prompted former Podemos founder Íñigo Errejón to turn his regional Más Madrid platform—which had obtained a remarkable result in the 26 May Madrilenian regional election—into a national alliance under the newly-created brand of Más País, comprising a number of regional parties and former Podemos and United Left allies, such as Coalició Compromís, Equo or Chunta Aragonesista.

Spanish general Election Voting Live 2019

1Spain likely to return to the polls in November after-party talks fail.

2. Spanish King Asks Whether It’s Election Time Again for Sanchez.

3. Spanish General Election Candidates Clash over Catalonia.

  • Spanish voters are heading back to the polls on Sunday (10 November) for the fourth general election in less than four years

Spain Important Political Information Updates



The Electoral system of Spanish

The Spanish Cortes Generales is envisaged as an imperfect bicameral system. The Congress of Deputies has greater legislative power than the Senate, having the ability to vote confidence in or withdraw it from a Prime Minister and to override Senate vetoes by an absolute majority of votes. Nonetheless, the Senate possesses a few exclusive, yet limited in number functions—such as its role in the constitutional amendment—which are not subject to the Congress' override. Voting for the Cortes Generales is on the basis of universal suffrage, which comprises all nationals over eighteen and in full enjoyment of their political rights. Additionally, Spaniards abroad are required to apply for voting before being permitted to vote, a system known as "begged" or expat vote (Spanish: Voto Rogado).

Spanish Parties and leaders


Name of The Party Name of The Leader
PSOE Pedro Sánchez
PP Pablo Casado
Cs Albert Rivera
Unidas Podemos Pablo Iglesias
Vox Santiago Abascal
ERC–Sobiranistes Oriol Junqueras

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