Iran Cabinet Ministers list 2017 Portfolio Rouhani Cabinet Appointments
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Iran Cabinet Ministers list 2017 Portfolio Rouhani Cabinet Appointments

Iran, Middle East

Iran Cabinet Ministers list 2017 Portfolio Rouhani Cabinet Appointments

National Presidential election Date: 19 May 2017

The Cabinet of Iran is a formal body composed of government officials, ministers, chosen and led by a President. Its composition must be approved by a vote in the Parliament. According to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President may dismiss members of the cabinet, but must do so in writing, and new appointees must again be approved by the Parliament. The cabinet meets weekly on Saturdays in Tehran. There may be additional meetings if circumstances require it. The president chairs the meetings.

Hassan Rouhani was elected as President of Iran in 2013 presidential election and took office on 3 August 2013. He nominated his coalition cabinet members to the parliament for vote of confidence on the next day. 15 out of 18 designated ministers was confirmed by the parliament.

Iran Presidential election Results 2017

  1. Reformist candidate Hassan Rouhani wins to be the President of Iran.

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New Cabinet has not yet been declared but since President Rouhani has been re elected as president of Iran it is likely he may continue with his current cabinet with some reshuffles.

Office Incumbent Party (Affiliation) Since
President Hassan Rouhani Moderation and Development Party 03-08-2013
First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri Executives of Construction Party (R) 04-08-2013
Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian Islamic Coalition Party (P) 04-08-2013
Agricultural Mahmoud Hojjati Islamic Iran Participation Front (R) 15-08-2013
Communication Mahmoud Vaezi Moderation and Development Party 15-08-2013
Labour Ali Rabei Islamic Labour Party (R) 15-08-2013
Culture Reza Salehi Amiri Moderation and Development Party 01-11-2016
Defense Hossein Dehghan Independent 15-08-2013
Finance Ali Tayebnia Independent Reformist 15-08-2013
Education Fakhruddin Ahmadi Danesh-Ashtiani Islamic Iran Participation Front (R) 01-11-2016
Energy Hamid Chitchian Independent 15-08-2013
Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif Independent 15-08-2013
Health Hassan Hashemi Independent 15-08-2013
Business Mohammadreza Nematzadeh Moderation and Development Party 15-08-2013
Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi Resistance Front of Islamic Iran (P) 15-08-2013
Interior Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli Independent Principlist 15-08-2013
Justice Mostafa Pourmohammadi Combatant Clergy Association (P) 15-08-2013
Petroleum Bijan Namdar Zanganeh Executives of Construction Party (R) 15-08-2013
Science Mohammad Farhadi Islamic Association of Iranian Medical Society (R) 26-11-2014
Transportation Abbas Ahmad Akhondi Independent Reformist 15-08-2013
Sports Masoud Soltanifar National Trust Party (R) 01-11-2016
Vice Presidents      
Atomic Energy Ali Akbar Salehi Independent 16-08-2013
Cultural Heritage and Tourism Zahra Ahmadipour Independent Reformist 06-11-2016
Environmental Protection Masoumeh Ebtekar Islamic Iran Participation Front (R) 10-09-2013
Executive Affairs Mohammad Shariatmadari Association for Defence of Revolution Values (R) 08-10-2013
Legal Majid Ansari Association of Combatant Clerics (R) 12-07-2016
Martyrs and Veterans Mohammad-Ali Shahidi Independent 05-09-2013
Parliamentary Hossein Ali Amiri Independent 12-07-2016
National Elites Sorena Sattari Independent 05-10-2013
Supervision and Strategic Mohammad Bagher Nobakht Moderation and Development Party 01-09-2013
Women and Family Affairs Shahindokht Molaverdi Islamic Iran Participation Front (R) 08-10-2013
Administrative and Employment Affairs Jamshid Ansari Independent Reformist 02-08-2016


Iran Presidential election Voting Live 2017

  1. 32 million Iranians have voted in election, i.e nearly 57 % turnout.
  2. Polls close at 23:00 PM local time,  voting hours have been extended as the country has seen in previous elections, amid expectations of a high turnout.
  3. Iranians overseas also will vote in over 300 locations, including 55 in the U.S., where more than 1 million Iranians live.
  4. Some 63,500 polling stations opened at 08:00 local time (0330 GMT) Friday for long lines which had already formed around the country where more than 56 million are eligible to vote.


Iran Presidential election Results Live 2017

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Electoral system of Iran

The President of Iran is the country's highest directly elected official, the chief of the executive branch, and the second most important position after the Supreme. The armed forces, Chief judiciary system, state television, and other key governmental organizations are under the control of the Supreme. It is also an informal custom that cabinet ministers for sensitive departments like foreign relations and intelligence are coordinated with the Supreme Leader. Of note, the current long-time Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who has been ruling for nearly three decades, has been issuing decrees and making the final decisions on economy, environment, foreign policy, national planning such as population growth, and everything else in Iran. Khamenei also makes the final decisions on the amount of transparency in elections in Iran, and has fired and reinstated Presidential cabinet appointments.

Candidates for Presidential election 2017

Hassan Rouhani , Mohammad Gharazi, Mostafa Mir-Salim, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, Hamid Baqai, , Ezzatollah Zarghami.

Iran Parties and leaders

The Association of the Women of the Islamic Republic, Executives of Construction Party, The Freedom Movement of Iran, Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF), National Trust, The Office for Strengthening Unity (DTV).


Iran Presidential election Results

Iranian presidential election, 2013






Hassan Rouhani

Moderation and Development Party




Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf

Progress and Justice Population




Saeed Jalili

Stability Front




Mohsen Rezaee

Resistance Front




Ali Akbar Velayati

Front of Followers




Mohammad Gharazi




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Iran Presidential election 2017 Results Dates Voting Opinion Poll 


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