Iran Municipal Local election 2017 live Voting Results Dates Opinion Exit Poll Candidates
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Iran Municipal Local election 2017 live Voting Results Dates Opinion Exit Poll Candidates

Iran, Middle East

Iran Municipal Local election 2017 live Voting Results

Iran Presidential election Dates 2017

National Presidential election Date: 19 May 2017

Local elections are scheduled to be held in Iran on 19 May 2017 to elect members of the City and Village Councils simultaneously with the twelfth presidential election. One of the issues that has been raised in the pre-election debate over electoral reforms, especially regarding enforcement, situations of candidates. Executive of elections under previous law was ministry of interior (Government) and there were statements about changing of maintaining law. In addition, the law provided that the candidates must be political men and the meaning of men was not known. The changes began after the protests to the previous election. According to Iranian law, candidates more than 75 years old are eligible to run but their health issues must be checked by the Guardian Council.

Iran Presidential election Voting Live 2017

  1. 32 million Iranians have voted in election, i.e nearly 57 % turnout.
  2. Polls close at 23:00 PM local time,  voting hours have been extended as the country has seen in previous elections, amid expectations of a high turnout.
  3. Iranians overseas also will vote in over 300 locations, including 55 in the U.S., where more than 1 million Iranians live.
  4. Some 63,500 polling stations opened at 08:00 local time (0330 GMT) Friday for long lines which had already formed around the country where more than 56 million are eligible to vote.

Iran Presidential election Results Live 2017

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Electoral system of Iran

The President of Iran is the country's highest directly elected official, the chief of the executive branch, and the second most important position after the Supreme. The armed forces, Chief judiciary system, state television, and other key governmental organizations are under the control of the Supreme. It is also an informal custom that cabinet ministers for sensitive departments like foreign relations and intelligence are coordinated with the Supreme Leader. Of note, the current long-time Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who has been ruling for nearly three decades, has been issuing decrees and making the final decisions on economy, environment, foreign policy, national planning such as population growth, and everything else in Iran. Khamenei also makes the final decisions on the amount of transparency in elections in Iran, and has fired and reinstated Presidential cabinet appointments.

Candidates for Presidential election 2017


Reformists Supreme Council for Policymaking
The conservative "List of Servitude"
# Candidate Party # Candidate Party
1 Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani ECP 1 Mehdi Chamran (i)
2 Mohammad Salari (i) IISP 2 Parviz Sorouri (i) SPIR
3 Morteza Alviri ECP 3 Mohsen Pirhadi (i)
4 Mahmoud Mirlohi UIIPP 4 Jalal Maleki
5 Afshin Habibzadeh ILP 5 Habib Kashani (i)
6 Zahran Nejadbahram AWJ 6 Alireza Dabir (i) PJPII
7 Ali Ata   7 Morteza Talaie (i) PJPII
8 Mohammad-Javad Haghshenas NTP 8 Gholamreza Ghasemian
9 Mohammad Alikhani 9 Ali Riaz IAPI
10 Zahra Sadr-Azam Nouri ARW 10 Mojtaba Shakeri (i) SDIR
11 Arash Milani UIIPP 11 Eghbal Shakeri (i)
12 Ebrahim Amini NTP 12 Reza Taghipour (i)
13 Elham Fakhari UIIPP 13 Babak Negahdari
14 Hassan Khalilabadi IATI 14 Abdolmoghim Nasehi (i) CCA
15 Shahrbanoo Amani ECP 15 Elaheh Rastgou (i)
16 Hojjat Nazari NTP 16 Zohreh Lajevadi FIRS
17 Bahareh Arvin UIIPP 17 Abolfazl Ghanaati (i)
18 Majid Farahani NEDA 18 Mehdi Eghrarian
19 Ahmad Masjed-Jamei (i) 19 Hadi Zakeri PJPII
20 Hassan Rasouli OIF 20 Hamzeh Shakib
21 Nahid Khodakarami 21 Soudeh Najafi ZS

Iran Parties and leaders

The Association of the Women of the Islamic Republic, Executives of Construction Party, The Freedom Movement of Iran, Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF), National Trust, The Office for Strengthening Unity (DTV).


Iran Presidential election Results

Iranian presidential election, 2013






Hassan Rouhani

Moderation and Development Party




Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf

Progress and Justice Population




Saeed Jalili

Stability Front




Mohsen Rezaee

Resistance Front




Ali Akbar Velayati

Front of Followers




Mohammad Gharazi




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Iran Presidential election 2017 Results Dates Voting Opinion Poll 


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