Kuwait General Parliamentary election Results 2016 Voting Live Date Candidates
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Kuwait General Parliamentary election Results 2016 Voting Live Date Candidates

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Kuwait National Assembly election dates timeline 2016

Date: 26 November 2016

Kuwait National Assembly election Details Candidates Results 2016 Live

  1. The opposition and its allies won 24 of 50 Assembly seats, the electoral authority announced
  2. Around half of the opposition candidates who won seats are Islamists from a Muslim Brotherhood-linked group and Salafists.
  3. One third of the members of the new parliament are relatively young and fresh on the political scene. Only one woman was elect and the Muslim Shiite minority was reduced to six seats from nine in the previous house.
  4. Safaa al-Hashem was the only woman to win one of the 50 seats up for grabs in Saturday's election
  5. Kuwaiti voters dealt a heavy blow to members of the outgoing parliament, retaining only 40 percent of them.
  6. The emir will now appoint a prime minister who will then select a Cabinet within the next week.

  Kuwait National Assembly election Results 2016  

Const Candidate Votes
First Constituency Adnan Zahid Abdulsamad 4287
  Essa Ahmad Al-Kanderi 4077
  Mohammad Mirwi Al-Hadiyah 3016
  Adel Jassem Al-Damkhi 2758
  Abdullah Al-Roumi 2731
  Saleh Ashour 2541
  Mubarak Salem Al-Harees 2444
  Osama Essa Al-Shaheen 2270
  Khaled Hussein Al-Shatti 2166
  Salah Abduredha Khourshid 2131
Second Constituency Marzouq Al-Ghanim 4119
  Riyadh Ahmad Al-Adsani 3578
  Khalil Ibrahim Al-Saleh 2914
  Jamaan Thaher Al-Herbish 2432
  Hamad Seif Al-Harshani 2341
  Mohammed Al-Mutair 2172
  Khalaf Dumaitheer Al-Enizi 1942
  Rakan Youssef Al-Nisf 1888
  Oudah Oudah Al-Ruwaiee 1772
  Omar Abdulmohsin Al-Tabtabaee 1755
Third Constituency Abdulwahab Mohammad Al-Babtain 3730
  Sadoon Al-Otaibi 3444
  Youssef Saleh Al-Fedhalah 3399
  Abdulkarim Abdullah Al-Kanderi 3325
  Safaa Abdurrahman Al-Hashim 3273
  Mohammad Hussein Al-Dalaal 2533
  Waleed Al-Tabtabaie 2504
  Khalil Abdullah Abul 2443
  Mohammad Nasser Al-Jabri 2219
  Ahmad Nabil Al-Fadhel 2124
Fourth Constituency Thamer Saad Al-Thifeeri 5601
  Mubarak Haif Al-Hajraf 4621
  Mohammed Hayef AlـMutairi 4506
  Saad Ali Al-Rusheedi 3811
  Abdullah Fahad Al-Enizi 3545
  Shueib Shabab Al-Muweizri 3528
  Ali Salem Al-Deqbasi 3379
  Askar Auwayed Al-Enizi 2972
  Saud Mohammad Al-Shuwaier 2897
  Marzouq Khalifa Al-Khalifa 2874
Fifth Constituency Humoud Abdullah Al-Khudeir 5072
  Hamdan Salem Al-Azmi 5038
  Al-Humaidi Bader Al-Subaiee 4660
  Talal Saad Al-Jalaal 4299
  Faisal Mohammad Al-Kanderi 4114
  Khaled Mohammad Al-Otaibi 3998
  Majed Musaaed Al-Mutairi 3821
  Nayef Abdulaziz Al-Ajmi 3769
  Nasser Saad Al-Doussari 3296
  Mohammad Hadi Al-Huweila 2851

Kuwait National Assembly election Details Candidates 2016  

  1. Voter Turnout of 70% . Results Expected by Sunday
  2. Polls closed in Kuwait  for parliamentary elections.
  3. Polls opened in Kuwait Saturday for seventh general election in a decade at 8:00 am
  4. 293 candidates in fray with 14 women.
  5. There are nearly 50 seats up for elections 2016.
  6. 452 committees are there with 259 males and 283 females in 100 schools.
    CAPITAL:Kuwait City,  POPULATION:3.479 million (WB, 2014), LANGUAGES:Arabic (Official), English
  7. HEAD OF STATE:Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah
  8. The emir dissolved the last parliament after MPs called for ministers to be grilled over subsidy cuts, in a state with a traditionally generous welfare system

Kuwait National Assembly election Details Candidates 2016  

  1. Earlier schedule – June 2017, the end of the four-year term of the parliament elected in July 2013.
  2. Latest Schedule – 26 November 2016
  3. No of electors: 483,000 Kuwaiti men and women are registered to cast their ballots on Election Day.
  4. Kuwait has had 15 parliaments since its independence in 1961. Only six parliaments ran their terms for the four years, while nine parliaments were dissolved for various reasons.
  5. Imp Candidates include Saleh Ashour, Abdullah Al Turaiji, Eisa Al Kandari, Adnan Abdul Samad, Mubarak Al Harees, Ahmad Al Mulaifi, Adel Al Damkhi, Osama Al Shaheen, Hussain Al-Qallaf, and his brother Fakher Al Qallaf.  
  6. Prominent candidates in the first district Prominent candidates in the second district are outgoing Speaker Marzouq Al Ghanem, Ahmad Lari, Rakan Al Nasef, Khalaf Dumaitheer, Ahmad Baqer, Fahad Al Khannah, Jamaan Al Harbash and Hamad Al Matar.
  7. Prominent candidates in the third district Jamal Al Omar, Yaqoub Al Sane, Roudhan Al Roudhan, Khalil Abul, Waleed Al Tabtabaei, Ammar AlAjmi, and Shaye Al Shaye.
  8. Prominent candidates in the fourth district are Askar Al Enezi, Mubarak Al Khrainej, Mohammad Tana, Osama Al Munawer, Shuaib Al Muwaizri and Mohammad Hayef.
  9. Prominent candidates in the fifth district are Hamdan Al Azemi, Mohammad Al Huwailah, and Nayef Al Merdas.

About Kuwait National Assembly election  

Early general elections will be held in Kuwait on 26 November 2016. They follow the dissolution of the parliament elected in 2013 by Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in October 2016.Under the constitution, elections must be held within two months.

Electoral system in Kuwait:

The 50 elected members of the National Assembly are elected from five 10-seat constituencies by plurality voting.

Population (as of May 27, 2015): 2,742,711

Description of government structure:

  1. Chief of State: Amir SABAH al-Ahmad al-Jabir al-Sabah
  2. Head of Government: Prime Minister JABIR AL-MUBARAK al-Hamad al-Sabah
  3. Assembly: Kuwait has a unicameral National Assembly (Majlis al-Umma) with 65 seats.


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