New Zealand general election dates and Voting Live
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New Zealand general election dates and Voting Live

New Zealand

 New Zealand general election dates and Voting Live 2020 
New Zealand general  election Dates 2020
New Zealand general  election​ Date: September 19, 2020​ 

The 2020 New Zealand general election will be held after the currently elected 52nd New Zealand Parliament is dissolved or expires. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced the election date as Saturday 19 September 2020.

Voters will elect 120 members to the House of Representatives under New Zealand's mixed-member proportional (MMP) voting system, a proportional representation system in which 72 members are elected from single-member electorates and 48 members are elected from closed party lists.

New Zealand general election dates and Voting Live 2020 

After the previous election, the centre-left Labour Party, led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, formed a minority coalition government with the New Zealand First Party, with confidence and supply from the Green Party. The main opponent to the Labour–NZ First government is the centre-right National Party, led by Judith Collins.[2] The ACT Party is the sole other parties in Parliament, represented by a single MP. It will be the second general election (the first being 1999) where both major parties have female leaders.

A referendum on personal cannabis consumption is planned to be held at the same time, along with a referendum on euthanasia held with the End of Life Choice Bill passing its third reading in parliament.

The Electoral system of New Zealand

New Zealand uses the mixed-member proportional (MMP) voting system to elect the House of Representatives. Each voter gets two votes, one for a political party (the party vote) and one for a local candidate (the electorate vote). Political parties which meet the threshold (5% of the party vote or one electorate seat) receive seats in the House in proportion to the percentage of the party vote they receive. 72 of the 120 seats are filled by the MPs elected from the electorates, with the winner in each electorate determined by the first past the post method (i.e. most votes wins). The remaining 48 seats are filled by candidates from each party's closed party list. If a party wins more electorates than seats it is entitled to under the party vote, overhang results; in this case, the House will add extra seats to cover the overhang.

The political party or party bloc with the majority of the seats in the House forms the Government. Since the introduction of MMP in 1996, no party has won enough votes to win an outright majority of seats. As a result, parties must negotiate with other parties to form a coalition government or a minority government.

New Zealand general election Party and candidate 

Leader Judith Collins Jacinda Ardern Winston Peters
Party National Labour NZ First
Leader Marama Davidson & James Shaw David Seymour
Party Green ACT


New Zealand general Elections Results

#To Be Announced

 Past New Zealand Elections Results 

Popular vote National

44.45% Labour

36.89% NZ First

7.20% Green

6.27% Opportunities

2.24% Māori

1.18% ACT

0.50% Others 


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