New Zealand General election results 2017 Voting Live Winners Voter turnout

Last Modified: September 23, 2017 at 7:51 am

New Zealand General election results 2017 Voting Live Winners Voter turnout

New Zealand General election Dates 2017

New Zealand General election Date: 23 September 2017

The 2017 New Zealand general election is scheduled to be held on Saturday 23 September 2017 to determine the membership of the 52nd New Zealand Parliament. The current Parliament was elected on Saturday 20 September 2014 and expires if not dissolved earlier on 10 October 2017.
The National Party has governed since 2008, in a minority government with confidence and supply from the Māori, ACT and United Future parties. The National Party will be seeking a fourth term in government against opposition parties Labour (the official opposition), Green and New Zealand First. It will be the first election for Bill English as Prime Minister, after he replaced John Key on 12 December 2016.

New Zealand General election results 2017 Voting Live


  1. Polling booths open in libraries, schools and town halls around the country at 9am (9pm Friday GMT) and close at 7pm, after which results will start coming in and vote counting will begin Also Read: New Zealand Election Results 2017 by Constituency Winner List
  2. New Zealanders have to decide between National or new Labour leader Jacinda Ardern.
  3. Close to a million people have chosen to vote early this year – 40% of the total votes cast in the last general election in 2014.
  4. Voters will elect at least 120 members to the House of Representatives, with 71 electorate members and 49 list members.
  5. New Zealand uses the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system, which gives voters two votes: one for a political party and one for their local electorate MP
  6. A record 806,043 New Zealanders have already voted, two days ahead of Saturday's election.
  7. The advance voting statistics from the Electoral Commission show that by this day three years ago, 717,579 people have been to the polls.


New Zealand General Parliamentary election Opinion Poll 2017

Opinion polling for the 2017 New Zealand general election has been commissioned throughout the duration of the 51st New Zealand Parliament by various organisations. The five main polling organisations are Fairfax Media (Fairfax Media Ipsos), MediaWorks New Zealand (3 News Reid Research/Newshub Reid Research), The New Zealand Herald (Herald Digipoll), Roy Morgan Research, and Television New Zealand (One News Colmar Brunton). The sample size, margin of error and confidence interval of each poll varies by organisation and date.

New Zealand Election Opinion Poll  2017

According to latest Polls National Party is ahead of Labour.

Poll Date National Labour
One News Colmar Brunton








9–13 Sep 2017 40 44
Newshub Reid Research 13–20 Sep 2017 45.8 37.3
One News Colmar Brunton 15–19 Sep 2017 46 37

New Zealand General Parliamentary election Preferred PM


Poll Date Bill English Jacinda Ardern
ne News Colmar Brunton





9–13 Sep 2017 32 34
Newshub Reid Research 13–20 Sep 2017 34.7 29.6
One News Colmar Brunton 15–19 Sep 2017 37 31



New Zealand General election Contesting Parties and Candidates

Political parties registered with the Electoral Commission on Writ Day can contest the general election as a party. Each such party can submit a party list to contest the party vote, and can have a party election-expenses limit in addition to limits on individual candidates' campaigns. As of 6 March 2017, fourteen political parties are registered and can contend the general election

Last Term Election Results







Leader(s) Ideology Last election  
       % party vote Seats
National Bill English Conservatism; Classical liberalism 47.04 60
Labour Andrew Little Social democracy 25.13 32
Green James Shaw / Metiria Turei Green politics 10.7 14
NZ First Winston Peters Conservatism; Nationalism; Populism 8.66 11
Māori Te Ururoa Flavell / Marama Fox Indigenous rights 1.32 2
ACT David Seymour Classical liberalism; Libertarianism; Conservatism 0.69 1
United Future Peter Dunne Social liberalism; Centrism 0.22 1
Conservative Leighton Baker Conservatism; Fiscal conservatism; Social conservatism 3.99
Internet Suzie Dawson Collaborative e-democracy; Internet freedom; Privacy; Copyright reform 1.42
Mana Hone Harawira Tino rangatiratanga; Socialism; Māori rights 1.42
Legalise Cannabis Jeff Lye Cannabis legalisation 0.46
Ban 1080 Mike Downard / Bill Wallace Opposition to 1080 poison 0.21
Democrats Stephnie de Ruyter Social Credit; Economic democracy; Left-wing nationalism 0.07
Opportunities Gareth Morgan Big tent; Radical centrism; Environmentalism; Geolibertarianism not founded