Political Campaign Survey Mobile App Android DoorToDoor Opinion Poll iphone Election 2017 Voter List Search Management

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Political Campaign Survey Mobile App Android DoorToDoor Opinion Poll Election

Voter relationship management mobile app is user friendly mobile app developed by LEADTECH to enable  leaders manage their campaign effectively, with details of each and every household in their mobile.

Political Campaign Survey Mobile App Android DoorToDoor

At the heart of the App is a database of valuable information that we gather in the constituency for each polling booth. This data will include the details of demographic structure, prominent issues, developmental work, influential people, and active party workers.The mobile app has a user-friendly interface through which details of any polling booth, tehsil, or even the whole constituency can be obtained instantly. 
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Political Campaign Survey Mobile App Android Opinion Poll 

The analysis of  voter management mobile app will include a dashboard to sort the data to get voters in different caregory and their percentage –
1) Parliamentary Wise, Assembly Wise, Ward Wise.
2) No Of males and females in particular area
3) Caste equation, Sorting on basis of Last Name (Will give rough caste estimate)
4) Percentage of diff age group 50
 Other Important Features are :-
1) Voter Search using First Name, Last Name, Age, Relation, Addresss
2) Duplicate voter identification system
3) GIS Based Voter Managed at booth and village level.
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