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Spain Election Results

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Ciudad Real spain election result 2016 live

Following is latest (Ciudad Real) election results for last 2 election. We have in the below tables found out the election results with voting number, percentage and margins/swing for each party and candidate in the below tables. We have also tried to find out how a particular party's vote share is changing in consequetive elections. In the summary table we have calculated the Swing between Winner and Runner up party

Constituency NameVote 2016 %Vote %Margin/Swing (2016 - 2015 )
Ciudad Real0.440.380.05
Ciudad Real0.290.31-0.02
Ciudad Real0.1300
Ciudad Real0.120.120
Ciudad Real0.010.010
Ciudad Real00.010
Ciudad Real000
Constituency NameParty NameVote 2016Vote 2016 %Margin/Swing (2016 - 2015 )
Ciudad RealPP 121730.440.05
Ciudad RealPSOE 81670.29-0.02
Ciudad RealPODEMOS-IU-EQUO 373260.130
Ciudad RealC's 33070.120
Ciudad RealPACMA 23250.010
Ciudad RealUPyD 67100
Constituency NameParty Name 2015VoteVote %Margin/Swing (2016 - 2015 )
Ciudad RealPP 1134510.380.05
Ciudad RealPSOE 919590.31-0.02
Ciudad RealN/AN/A00
Ciudad RealC's 364770.120
Ciudad RealPACMA 19490.010
Ciudad RealUPYD 16250.010