Cuban constitutional referendum 2019 Voting Live
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Cuban constitutional referendum 2019 Voting Live


Cuban constitutional referendum 2019 Results Voting Live

Cuban constitutional referendum Dates 2019

Cuban constitutional referendum Date: 24 Feb 2019 

constitutional referendum is scheduled to take place in Cuba on 24 February 2019. Voters will be asked whether they approved of a new constitution passed by the National Assembly of People's Power in July 2018.

Cuban constitutional referendum Voting Live 2019

1. The Cuba constitutional referendum election will be held on 24 Feb 2019.

2. Preparations Continue in Cuba for Constitutional Referendum.

3. Over 22,000 Cubans in Venezuela to Participate in 2019 Referendum.

4. Cuban government accused of censoring negative text message about the .new constitution.

The electoral system of Cuba

According to the constitution, Cuba is a socialist republic where all members or representative bodies of state power are elected and subject to recall and the masses control the activity of the state agencies, the deputies, delegates and officials. Elections in Cuba have two phases:

  1. election of delegates to the Municipal Assembly, and
  2. election of deputies to the Provincial and National Assemblies.

Candidates for municipal assemblies are nominated on an individual basis at local levels by the local population at nomination assemblies. Candidates for provincial assemblies and the National Assembly are nominated by the municipal assemblies from lists compiled by national, provincial and municipal candidacy commissions. Suggestions for nominations are made at all levels mainly by mass organizations, trade unions, people's councils, and student federations. The final list of candidates for the National Assembly, one for each district, is drawn up by the National Candidacy Commission; however, voters can, in theory, veto a candidate, because if a candidate failed to gain 50% of the vote, a new candidate would have to be chosen.

Anyone older than 16 other than those mentally incapacitated, imprisoned, or deprived of their political rights can vote and be nominated to these posts. No political parties (including the Communist Party of Cuba) are permitted to campaign. Instead, voters can consult candidates' biographies and photographs posted on public locations. All elections take place by secret ballot. Suffrage is afforded to Cuban citizens resident for two years on the island who are aged over sixteen years and who have not been found guilty of a criminal offense.

Cuba Parties and leaders




Cuba past election results 

Option Votes % Seats
Full list 5,620,713 80.44 605
Selective vote 1,366,328 19.56
Invalid/blank votes 412,850
Total 7,399,891 100 605
Registered voters/turnout 8,639,989 85.65


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