Canadian Federal Election 2019 Voting Live

Canadian Federal Election 2019 Voting Live

Canadian Federal Election Dates 2019

Canadian Federal Election Date: 21 October 2019 

The 2019 Canadian federal election (formally called the 43rd Canadian general election) is scheduled to take place on or before October 21, 2019. The October 21 date of the vote is determined by the fixed-date procedures in the Canada Elections Act but the Act does not preclude the Governor General of Canada from issuing the writs of the election at an earlier date. The Liberal Party of Canada will attempt to retain its majority government that it won in the 2015 federal election.

An omnibus bill passed in 2017 assigned responsibility to the Parliamentary Budget Office to review party platforms for future elections, with the 2019 election the first subjected to this review. The Parliamentary Budget Office has a $500,000 budget for costing party platforms for this election, but will only review a party platform at the request of the party that authored it. It will also conduct confidential assessments of independent and party platform proposals preceding the election campaign. The service will also be available to Members of Parliament representing a party that does not have official party status in the House of Commons, such as Elizabeth May.

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1. Canadian Federal Election will be held on 21st October 2019.

2. ANALYSIS: May’s Greens a greater threat than the NDP to Trudeau’s Liberals’ re-election chances

3. Unions, other third parties to reveal ad spending as federal election nears.

The Electoral Reform of Canada

In June 2015, Justin Trudeau pledged to reform the electoral system if elected, saying, "We are committed to ensuring that 2015 is the last election held under first-past-the-post." As the New Democrats, Bloc, and Greens were all in favour of reform of some kind, it was seen as possible that a different voting system could be in place by the next federal election.

A Special Committee on Electoral Reform was formed with representatives from all five parties in the House. The committee's report, Strengthening Democracy in Canada: Principles, Process and Public Engagement for Electoral Reform, was presented in December 2016 and recommended a proportional electoral system be introduced following a national referendum. In February 2017, however, the government dropped support for electoral reform, issuing a mandate to newly appointed Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould, saying, "A clear preference for a new electoral system, let alone a consensus, has not emerged. … Changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate."

Canada Parties and leaders


Affiliation Party leader Seats
Liberal Justin Trudeau 177
Conservative Andrew Scheer 96
New Democratic Jagmeet Singh 41
Bloc Québécois Yves-François Blanchet 10
Green Elizabeth May 2
Co-operative Commonwealth N/A 1
People's Maxime Bernier 1
Independent 7
Vacant 3


Canada past election results 

Party Votes Seats
Liberal 6,943,276

184 / 338 

Conservative 5,613,614

99 / 338 

New Democratic 3,470,350

44 / 338 

Bloc Québécois 821,144

10 / 338 

Green 602,944

1 / 338