14th June Washington D.C. Democratic primary/caucuses Schedule Opinion Poll Results 2016 Hillary Clinton Final Delegate Count on 14th June 2016

Washington D.C. Democratic primary/caucuses Results 2016, Washington D.C. Democratic caucuses Opinion Poll Results 2016

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  1. Hillary Clinton has already clinched Democratic Nomination so this Primary wont be that important but still the total count would matter.
  2. Washington D.C Democratic caucuses are scheduled to be held on June 14 in the U.S. territory of the United States
  3. Republican Party Washington DC caucus took place on March 12. Rubio Won with 37.3% votes and Kasich got 35.5% votes.
  4. In the past, winners were Barack Obama, 2008 John Kerry, 2004 Al Gore, 2000 . 

Opinion Polls: No Opinion Polls are available for Washington DC .

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14th June Washington D.C Democratic Presidential Caucuses
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