Zimbabwean General Election 2018 voting live
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Zimbabwean General Election 2018 voting live


Zimbabwean General Election 2018 Results Voting Live

Zimbabwean General Election Dates 2018

Zimbabwean General Election Date: 29 July 2018

General elections are scheduled to be held in Zimbabwe on 30 July 2018 to elect the President and members of both houses of Parliament.

The likelihood of the elections taking place were called into doubt following the 2017 coup. On 22 November 2017, a ZANU-PF spokesman said that Emmerson Mnangagwa would serve out the remainder of Robert Mugabe's term before the elections due to be held during or before September 2018. On 20 March 2018, Mnangagwa said he was looking forward to holding elections in July 2018.

On 18 January 2018, President Mnangagwa spoke to the Financial Times in an interview, in which he invited the EU, UN and the Commonwealth to send missions to Zimbabwe in order to monitor the elections.


Electoral system of Zimbabwean

The President of Zimbabwe is elected using the two-round system.

The 270 members of the House of Assembly consist of 210 members elected in single-member constituencies and 60 women elected by proportional representation in ten six-seat constituencies based on the country's provinces. Voters cast a single vote, which is counted for both forms of election. The 80 members of the Senate include 60 members elected from ten six-member constituencies (also based on the provinces) by proportional representation using party lists; the lists must have a woman at the top and alternate between men and women. The other 20 seats include two reserved for people with disabilities and 18 for traditional chiefs.

According to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the elections are required to be held before the official expiry date of the current parliamentary term, which is due to end on 21 August 2018.

Candidates for General Election

Emmerson Mnangagwa , Nelson Chamisa , Elton Mangoma , Joice Mujuru .

Zimbabwean Parties and Leaders


Candidate Party    
  Emmerson Mnangagwa ZANU–PF    
  Nelson Chamisa Movement for Democratic Change–T    
  Elton Mangoma Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe    
  Joice Mujuru Zimbabwean National People's Party    

Zimbabwean Past Election Results 


Candidate Party Votes %
Robert Mugabe ZANU–PF 2,110,434 61.09
Morgan Tsvangirai Movement for Democratic Change–T 1,172,349 33.94
Welshman Ncube Movement for Democratic Change–N 92,637 2.68
Dumiso Dabengwa Zimbabwe African People's Union 25,416 0.74
Kisinoti Mukwazhe Zimbabwe Development Party 9,931 0.29
Invalid/blank votes 69,280
Total 3,480,047 100
Registered voters/turnout 5,874,115 59.24
Source: ElectionGuide


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