ANA Presidential election results live Voting 2017 Gary Adkins New President

ANA Presidential election results live Voting 2017 Gary Adkins New President

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ANA Presidential election results live Voting 2017 Gary Adkins New President

What is ANA? About Details

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is a Colorado Springs, Colorado organization founded in 1891 by Dr. George F. Heath. It was formed to advance the knowledge of numismatics (the study of money) along educational, historical, and scientific lines, as well as enhance interest in the hobby

The ANA has about 24,000 members who receive many benefits, such as discounts, access to website features, and the monthly journal The Numismatist. The ANA's Colorado Springs headquarters houses its administrative offices, library, and money museum. The ANA received a Federal Charter fromnote the United States Congress in 1912

A Board of Governors are in charge of the ANA. Numerous advisory committees help to operate it properly. The ANA has a Young Numismatists program intended to promote interest among youth. The ANA has held annual conventions throughout the nation in most years since 1891, with two per year since 1978. The Farran Zerbe Memorial Award is bestowed upon the most dedicated members. The ANA also maintains a Numismatic Hall of Fame

ANA Presidential Election results 2017

Election results are in for the 2017-2019 term to the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors.
Gary Adkins has been elected as ANA's 60th president and Don Kagin, who ran unopposed, will become vice president.
ANA voting members brought back six incumbents and selected three new candidates. In the contest for the seven board seats, eight members competed. The returning four incumbents won the most votes followed by three new candidates.

For President Votes
Gary Adkins (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 3274
Mike Ellis (Camilla, Georgia) 2007
For Vice President Votes
Don Kagin (Tiburon, California) 1
Candidates for Governor Votes
Col. Steve Ellsworth, Ret. (Brentwood, Tennessee) 4335
Dr. Ralph Ross (Sugar Land, Texas) 4073
Greg Lyon (St. Louis, Missouri) 3953
Paul Montgomery (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 3860
Thomas J. Uram (Eighty Four, Pennsylvania) 3679
John W. Highfill (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) 3653
Brian Hendelson (Bridgewater, New Jersey) 3474
Unelected Candidate for Governor Votes
Adam J. Crum (Newport Beach, California) 3378

List of ANA Presidents till Date

List of ANA presidents

William G. Jerrems Jr., 1891–1892
George F. Heath, 1892–1894
August G. Heaton, 1894–1899
Joseph Hooper, 1899–1902
Benjamin P. Wright, 1902–1905
Albert R. Frey, 1905–1908
Farran Zerbe, 1908–1910
John M. Henderson, 1910–1912
Judson P. Brenner, 1912–1914
Frank G. Duffield, 1914–1915
Henry O. Granberg, 1915–1917
Carl Wurtzbach, 1917–1919
Waldo C. Moore, 1919–1921
Moritz Wormser, 1921–1926
Harry H. Yawger, 1926–1927

Charles Markus, 1927–1930
George J. Bauer, 1930–1932
Alden Scott Boyer, 1932–1933
Nelson T. Thorson, 1933–1935
T. James Clarke, 1935–1937
J. Henri Ripstra, 1937–1939
L.W. Hoffecker, 1939–1941
J. Douglas Ferguson, 1941–1943
Martin F. Kortjohn, 1943–1945
V. Leon Belt, 1945–1947
Loyd B. Gettys, 1947–1949
M. Vernon Sheldon, 1949–1951
Joseph Moss, 1951–1953
J. Hewitt Judd, 1953–1955
Leonel C. Panosh, 1955–1957
Oscar H. Dodson, 1957–1961
C.C. Tim Shroyer, 1961–1963
Paul K. Anderson, 1963–1965

Matt H. Rothert, 1965–1967
Arthur Sipe, 1967–1969
Herbert M. Bergen, 1969–1971
John J. Pittman, 1971–1973
Virginia Culver, 1973–1975
Virgil Hancock, 1975–1977
Grover C. Criswell, Jr., 1977–1979
George D. Hatie, 1979–1981
Adna G. Wilde, Jr., 1981–1983
Q. David Bowers, 1983–1985
Florence M. Schook, 1985–1987
Stephen R. Taylor, 1987–1989
Kenneth L. Hallenbeck, Jr., 1989–1991
Edward C. Rochette, 1991–1993
Kenneth Bressett, 1993–1995
David L. Ganz, 1995–1997
Anthony Swiatek, 1997–1999
H. Robert Campbell, 1999–2001
John Wilson, 2001–2003
Gary E. Lewis, 2003–2005
William Horton, 2005–2007
Barry Stuppler, 2007–2009
Clifford Mishler, 2009–2011
Tom Hallenbeck, 2011–2013
Walter Ostromecki, 2013–2015
Jeff Garrett, 2015–2017

Gary Adkins 2017-2019


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