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Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is leading by six points in a hypothetical presidential election match against Donald Trump of Republican party, according to a latest opinion poll.

However, both Clinton and Trump have very high unfavourable ratings in the CBS News/New York Times poll released last night.

poll was conducted by telephone May 13-17, 2016 among a random sample
of 1,300 adults nationwide, including 1,109 registered voters.

In its latest poll, The New York Times and CBS News said Clinton (47 per cent) leads Trump (41 per cent) by six percentage points among registered voters if the elections were held now.

 CBS News/New York Times
(Registered Voters)





Unpopularity Index:  Clinton – 52 % and Trump – 55 % remain highly unpopular among the voters.

 For Sanders, his unfavourable rating is just 33 per cent.

  1. “When compared to past major party presidential candidates at a similar point in the election cycle, Trump and Clinton’s unfavourable ratings continue to be the highest in CBS News/New York Times polls going back to 1984, when the question was first asked,” the survey result said.
  2. According to the survey, neither Trump nor Clinton has a clear advantage on handling the economy or on being the nation’s commander-in-chief.