Hurricane Nate Path Map Updates 2017 Track Time Arrival US

Hurricane Nate Path Map Updates 2017 Track Time Arrival US

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Hurricane Nate Path Map Updates 2017 Track Time Arrival US


  1. Hurricane Nate passing through Nicaragua and Honduras on 5th October before moving towards Mexico and across the Gulf of Mexico to the USA.
  2. Could strengthen into category 1 Hurricane Nate by the time it hits America on Sunday morning. 
  3. To make landfall on the the Gulf Coast at 8am on Sunday.
  4. Expected to hit Louisiana before barrelling into  Mississippi and Alabama.
  5. More likely to miss Florida but hit Louisiana instead.
  6. Nate’s projected path changed in the past 24 hours.
  7. Strengthening is likely over the northwestern Caribbean Sea Thursday night and Friday.


Hurricane Nate Path Map Updates 2017 US









Hurricane Nate 2011 US

Hurricane Nate caused minor damage in southeastern Mexico in mid-September 2011. The sixteenth named storm and fourth hurricane of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season, Nate originated from a frontal trough in the Bay of Campeche on September 7. Within a weak steering environment, the storm meandered southwestward while gradually gaining strength. Though classified as a tropical storm operationally, data during a post-season review indicated that Nate briefly attained Category 1 hurricane status on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale on September 8. As a result of its slow motion, the storm caused significant upwelling, leading to a marked decrease in convection, and weakening accordingly. On September 11, Nate moved ashore Mexico as a tropical storm, producing several inches of rainfall and damaging several hundred structures. Ten oil rig workers went missing; seven were rescued, but one died of an unknown cause, and three other bodies were later recovered. In Veracruz, a boy was killed after being struck by lightning.



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