Kentucky Senate election dates and Voting Live
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Kentucky Senate election dates and Voting Live

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Kentucky Senate election dates and Voting Live 2020
Kentucky Senate election Dates 2020
Kentucky Senate election​ Date: May 19, 2020​ 

Six-term incumbent and Senate majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell were re-elected by a comfortable margin in 2014.

Charles Booker, a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, and Kentucky's youngest black state lawmaker has formally entered the Senate race on January 5th, 2020.

Kentucky Senate election dates and Voting Live 2020 

Amy McGrath announced her candidacy on July 9, 2019. She is a former Marine and Navy fighter pilot who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2018 against incumbent Representative Andy Barr.

Other candidates for the Democratic nomination include Jimmy Ausbrooks, a mental health counsellor, Mike Broihier, farmer and former U.S. Marine, Andrew Maynard, John R. Sharpensteen and Bennie J. Smith, local business owner. Other potential Democratic candidates include state Representative Rocky Adkins. Candidate Steven Cox, a registered pharmacy technician, has dropped out and endorsed Charles Booker.

The Electoral system of Kentucky

The term electoral system can refer to the method by which elections are conducted (e.g., whether officials are elected in single-winner versus multi-winner systems) or the method by which votes are tallied to determine the outcome of an election (e.g., plurality systems, majority systems, ranked-choice voting systems, etc.). In the United States, most federal and state-level officials are elected via plurality vote in single-winner contests, although some jurisdictions (e.g., cities, school boards, etc.) employ alternative electoral systems.


·  In Kentucky, state legislators (including both senators and representatives) are elected via plurality vote in single-winner contests.

·  Kentucky's governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, auditor commissioner of agriculture, secretary of state, and attorney general are elected via plurality vote in single-winner contests.

·  United States Senators and United States Representatives are also elected via plurality vote in single-winner contests.

See the sections below for additional information on the following topics:

  1. Background: This section defines and describes methods for conducting elections, including single-winner systems and multi-winner systems. This section also defines and describes various vote-tallying methods, including plurality voting, majority voting, ranked-choice voting, block voting, single voting, and cumulative voting.
  2. Electoral systems used in Kentucky: This section outlines the electoral systems used in federal elections (i.e., elections for president and United States senators and representatives) and state-level contests (i.e., elections for state legislators, governors, and other state executives).
  3. State legislation and ballot measures: This section lists state legislation and state and local ballot measures relevant to electoral systems policy.

Kentucky Senate election Party and candidate 

  • Jimmy Ausbrooks (Democratic)
  • Charles Booker (Democratic)
  • Mike Broihier (Democratic)
  • Wendell K. Crow (Republican)
  • Paul John Frangedakis (Republican)
  • Louis Grider (Republican)
  • Andrew Maynard (Democratic)
  • Mitch McConnell (Republican)
  • Amy McGrath (Democratic)
  • Wesley Morgan (Republican)
  • Eric Rothmuller (Democratic)
  • John R. Sharpensteen (Democratic)
  • Bennie J. Smith (Democratic)
  • Mary Ann Tobin (Democratic)

Kentucky Elections Results

#To Be Announced

Past Kentucky Elections Results 

United States Senate election in Kentucky, 2014








Mitch McConnell (incumbent)






Alison Lundergan Grimes






David M. Patterson










Total votes





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