Maine Senate election dates and Voting Live
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Maine Senate election dates and Voting Live

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Maine Senate election dates and Voting Live 2020 
Maine Senate election Dates 2020
Maine Senate election​ Date: June 9, 2020​ 

Four-term incumbent Republican Susan Collins was re-elected by a wide margin in 2014. She has filed paperwork for a run in 2020, and announced on December 18, 2019 that she would seek re-election in 2020.

Maine Senate election dates and Voting Live 2020 

Democrats running include state House speaker Sara Gideon, travel agent Michael Bunker, attorney Bre Kidman, former Head of International Relations at Google, Inc. and political operative Ross LaJeunesse, and activist and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Betsy Sweet. Potential Democratic candidates include Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and former Lewiston mayor James Howaniec. Retired US Air Force General Jon Treacy and physician Cathleen London had announced candidacies for the Democratic nomination, but subsequently withdrew. Independent candidates are Danielle VanHelsing, an LGBTQ rights activist, and Tiffany Bond, an attorney and candidate for Maine's 2nd congressional district in 2018.

The Electoral system of Maine

The term electoral system can refer to the method by which elections are conducted (e.g., whether officials are elected in single-winner versus multi-winner systems) or the method by which votes are tallied to determine the outcome of an election (e.g., plurality systems, majority systems, ranked-choice voting systems, etc.). In the United States, most federal and state-level officials are elected via plurality vote in single-winner contests, although some jurisdictions (e.g., cities, school boards, etc.) employ alternative electoral systems. On November 8, 2016, Maine voters approved a ballot initiative providing for the use of ranked-choice voting in both primary and general elections for United States Senators, United States Representatives, the governor, state senators, and state representatives. The state supreme court issued an advisory opinion finding that using ranked-choice voting for state-level general elections would violate the state constitution. The law was not otherwise found to violate the state constitution. In 2018, ranked-choice voting was used in the primary for federal and state-level offices. It was later used in the general election for federal offices, but not state-level offices.

Maine Senate election Party and candidate 

  • Tiffany Bond (Independent)
  • Michael Bunker (Democratic)
  • Susan Collins (Republican)
  • Sara Gideon (Democratic)
  • Bre Kidman (Democratic)
  • Ross LaJeunesse (Democratic)
  • Lisa Savage (Green Independent)
  • Betsy Sweet (Democratic)
  • Danielle VanHelsing (Independent)

Maine Elections Results

#To Be Announced

Past Maine Elections Results 

United States Senate election in Maine, 2018








Angus King (incumbent)






Eric Brakey






Zak Ringelstein




Total votes





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