New York Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Results Live Primary Winner

New York Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Voting Live Results 

New York Mayoral Municipal General Election Date – 12th September 2017

Run Off Election if required on 7th November 2017

An election for Mayor of New York City will be held on November 7, 2017. Bill de Blasio, the incumbent mayor, is eligible to run for a second term and has won the Democratic Primary.
Bill de Blasio was elected Mayor of New York City in 2013, with his term beginning January 1, 2014. Mayor De Blasio is eligible for re-election and has declared his intent to seek the Democratic nomination again.
As per Jerry Skurnik's blog, the following Democrats and Republicans have filed their petitions to have their names on the ballot during the primary elections. They are as follows: Democrats – Bill De Blasio, Sal Albanese, Robert Gangi, Richard Bashner and Michael Tolkin; Republicans – Nicole Malliotakis, Rocky De La Fuente and Walter Iwachiw.

There were two mayoral primary debates on August 16th and August 23rd before the primary election on September 12, 2017. Also scheduled will be two general election debates on October 10th and November 1st


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New York Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Results Primary Live

Democratic Primary results 2017

Candidate Votes %
Bill de Blasio* 



234856 73.80%
Albanese Sal Albanese  50400 15.80%
Tolkin Michael Tolkin  15215 4.80%
Gangi Robert Gangi  9900 3.10%
Bashner Richard Bashner  7735 2.40%

Other CIty Council Results New York Municipal Elections 2017

City Council    
District Dist.
Leader   Rpt.
1 Dem. 46%Margaret Chin* Dem. 44%Christopher Marte Dem. 98.00%
2 Dem. 64%Carlina Rivera Dem. 14%Mary Silver Dem. 78.00%
4 Dem. 41%Keith Powers Dem. 23%Marti Speranza Dem. 75.00%
5 Dem. 75%Ben Kallos* Dem. 15%Gwen Goodwin Dem. 85.00%
6 Dem. 66%Helen Rosenthal* Dem. 30%Mel Wymore Dem. 82.00%
7 Dem. 74%Mark Levine* Dem. 26%Thomas Lopez-Pierre Dem. 94.00%
8 Dem. 44%Diana Ayala Dem. 42%Robert Rodriguez Dem. 85.00%
9 Dem. 50%Bill Perkins* Dem. 20%Marvin Holland Dem. 92.00%
10 Dem. 61%Ydanis Rodriguez* Dem. 32%Josue Perez Dem. 91.00%
12 Dem. 69%Andy King* Dem. 27%Pamela Hamilton-Johnson Dem. 92.00%

New York Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Live Voting

  1. Voting to start on 12th September 2017.
  2. The primaries are today — from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m
  3. Primary Elections are to be held
  4. Bronx County, New York
  5. Buffalo, New York
  6. Erie County, New York
  7. Kings County, New York
  8. New York City, New York
  9. New York County, New York
  10. Queens County, New York
  11. Trudy Hunter, Lanny Jackson, Carl Jackson and Donald Lomax.
  12. On August 1, 2017, the City Board of Elections determined in a hearing that Rocky De La Fuente did not receive enough petition signatures to qualify for the primary Republican ballot in September. With the disqualification of Rocky De La Fuente on the primary ballot and the remaining Republican candidate, Walter Iwachiw, not reporting any fundraising for this election, Nicole Malliotakis is the remaining candidate that will secure the Republican nominee for NYC Mayor.


New York Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Candidates


For Mayor Elections Following are the Candidates.

Democratic Candidates

  1. Sal Albanese, former City Councilman and candidate for mayor in 1997 and 2013
  2. Richard Bashner, real estate attorney
  3. Bill de Blasio, incumbent mayor
  4. Robert Gangi, activist
  5. Mike Tolkin, entrepreneur

Republican primary – Candidates
Nicole Malliotakis, State Assemblywoman

New York Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Opinion Poll

Poll source





Date(s) Sample Margin of Bill Nicole
  administered size error de Blasio (D) Malliotakis (R)
Quinnipiac University July 20–26, 2017 877 ± 4.1% 52.00% 15.00%
        57.00% 22.00%
Quinnipiac University May 10–16, 2017 1019 ± 3.1% 64.00% 21.00%


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