Puerto Rico Democratic primary/caucuses Schedule Opinion Poll Results 2016 Hillary Clinton Final Delegate Count on 5th June 2016
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Puerto Rico Democratic primary/caucuses Schedule Opinion Poll Results 2016 Hillary Clinton Final Delegate Count on 5th June 2016

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Puerto Rico Democratic primary/caucuses Results 2016, Puerto Rico Democratic caucuses Opinion Poll Results 2016

Hillary Clinton Wins Puerto Rico,and edges closer to nomination 

Important Points on Puerto Rico Democratic Primary Results

  • After major win in Virgin Islands, Clinton needed just 30 more delegates in order to reach the magic figure for Nomination i.e 2,383, according to an Associated Press count. 
  • According to reports Clinton won 61% votes , 36026 votes and 33 Delegates in Puerto Rico
  • Sanders has won 39% votes, 22768 votes and 20 Delegates.
  • Puerto Rico has 60 pledged delegates at stake.
  • Next Important Event : Primaries in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North/South Dakota on 7th June 2016.  According to Opinion Polls Clinton is leading in California, New Mexico, NewJersey and Montana. More Details here.
  • Clinton is closing in on a historic nomination as the first female presidential nominee with one more round of states — California, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and Montana — set to vote Tuesday. Her nomination would become official during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.She’ll become the first-ever female nominee of a major political party.

Puerto Rico Democratic primary/caucuses Final Results 2016

5th June Peurto Rico Democratic Presidential Caucuses
Peurto Rico 60 Delegates
Hillary Clinton  33
Bernie Sanders   20


Puerto Rico Democratic Caususes Imp Points, Schedule

  1. In the year 2008 in Puerto Rico
    Primaries Hillary Clinton won with 67% votes
     against Barack Obama
    with 31% which shows Hillary has good popularity amongst voters in
    Puerto Rico
  2. Puerto Rico Democratic caucuses are scheduled
    to be held on June 5 in the U.S. territory of the United States
  3. Republican Party Puerto Rico Primary took place on March 6 and Marco
    Rubio won with 71% votes
     and got all 23 delegates since it being a Winner take ALL
  4. Their is also a controversy regarding 1,510 polling locations to be reduced to 455 for the June 5 primary as mentioned in reddit page of Bernie Sanders called “Sanders for President”.

Opinion Polls for Peurto Rico:

An Opinion Polls by Pasquines done in March – April for June 5 Democratic cauces has following results.Hillary Clinton : 65.87% , Bernie Sanders : 34.13%

Opinion Polls by Pasquines


Puerto Rico Democratic Primary May Opinion poll












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