Seattle Washington Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Results Live Vote%
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Seattle Washington Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Results Live Vote%

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Seattle Washington Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Results Live Vote%

Seattle Washington Mayoral Municipal elections 2017 Results Live Voting will take place on 1st August 2017.

Seattle is holding a general election on November 7, 2017. A primary election will take place on August 1, 2017. The top two vote recipients in each primary will advance to the general election. The filing deadline for this election was May 19, 2017


Washington Seattle Primary Election Candidated for Mayor 2017 Results Live

Primary Election Results will be published on 1st august 2017 when voting gets completed.

Primary election

Incumbent Ed Murray announced that he would not seek re-election on May 9, 2017. Murray's decision not to seek a second term stemmed from a lawsuit claiming that he paid for sexual favors from a then-15-year old in the 1980s. This lawsuit was dismissed in June 2017 and Murray considered a write-in campaign for mayor before endorsing Jenny Durkan.Learn more about that case here.

Votes Percentage
Jenny Durkan i 27,579 votes  32% votes 
Cary Moon i 13,583 votes  16% votes 
Nikkita Oliver i 12,126 votes  14% votes 
Jessyn Farrell i 10,308 votes  12% votes

Mayor of Everett Results






Votes Percentage
Judy Tuohy i 2,711 votes  31% votes 
Cassie Franklin i 2,657 votes  30% votes 
Brian Sullivan i 2,599 votes  30% votes 



Mayor of Tacoma Results




Votes Percentage
Jim Merritt i 6,584 votes  42% votes 
Victoria Woodards i 5,664 votes  36% votes 
Evelyn Lopez i 3,577 votes  23% votes 


Seattle City Council Position 8


Seattle City Council Position 8





Votes Percentage
Teresa Mosqueda i 24,907 votes  31% votes 
Jon Grant i 19,640 votes  24% votes 
Sara E. Nelson i 18,704 votes  23% votes 
Rudy Pantoja i 4,650 votes  6% votes 
Charlene D. Strong i 4,191 votes  5% votes 
Sheley Secrest i 3,864 votes  5% votes 
Hisam Goueli i 2,548 votes  3% votes 
Mac McGregor i 2,066 votes  3% votes 
Total 80570  


Seattle City Council Position 9





Votes Percentage
M. Lorena González i 49,591 votes  62% votes 
Pat Murakami i 16,019 votes  20% votes 
David Preston i 8,152 votes  10% votes 
Pauly Giuglianotti i 2,068 votes  3% votes 
Eric W. Smiley i 1,673 votes  2% votes 
Ty Pethe i 1,434 votes  2% votes 
Ian Affleck-Asch i 1,423 votes  2% votes 
Total 80360  

Cultural Access Program Sales Tax King County Prop 1




Votes Percentage
Rejected i 125,970 votes  55% votes 
Approved i 102,971 votes  45% votes 
Total 228941  

Gary Brose
Casey Carlisle
Tiniell Cato
Jenny Durkan
Jessyn Farrell
Thom Gunn
Greg Hamilton

Michael Harris
Bob Hasegawa
Lewis Jones
Dave Kane
Harley Lever
Mary Martin
Mike McGinn
Cary Moon
James Norton Jr.
Larry Oberto

Nikkita Oliver
Jason Roberts
Alex Tsimerman
Keith Whiteman





Washington Seattle election Results Live 2017

Election is on 1st August for primary and General election is on 7th November 2017.


Washington Seattle election 2017 Voting Live

Voting will take place on 1st August 2017.


Washington Seattle General election Opinion Poll

No opinion polls have been declared for this election till now.

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