Afghan Presidential Election 2019 Results Voting Live

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Afghan Presidential Election 2019 Results Voting Live

Afghan Presidential Election 2019 Results Voting Live

Afghan Presidential Election 2019 Date: 28 September 2019 

Presidential elections will be held in Afghanistan on 28 September 2019.

Though Afghanistan has had democratic elections throughout the 20th century, the election institutions have varied as changes in regimes have disrupted political continuity. Presidential elections in 2009 raised doubts about the legitimacy and power of the current electoral system, established in the 2003 constitution, in both the national political environment and the international community.

Afghan Presidential Election Voting Live 2019

1. Afghan Presidential Election will be held on 28 September 2019.

2. Presidential election: ‘Key moment’ to reaffirm Afghanistan’s democratic political structure, UN mission chief tells Security Council.

3. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani arrives in Pakistan for key talks.

The electoral system of Afghanistan 

The President of Afghanistan is elected using the two-round system; if no candidate receives a majority of the vote in the first round, a second round will be held featuring the top two candidates.

Afghanistan Parties and leaders



Afghanistan past election results 


Candidate Nominating party First round Second round (preliminary results)
Votes % Votes %
Ashraf Ghani Independent 2,084,547 31.56 4,485,888 56.44
Abdullah Abdullah National Coalition 2,972,141 45.00 3,461,639 43.56
Zalmai Rassoul Independent 750,997 11.37  
Abdul Rasul Sayyaf Islamic Dawa 465,207 7.04
Qutbuddin Hilal Independent 181,827 2.75
Gul Agha Sherzai Independent 103,636 1.57
Mohammad Daud Sultanzoy Independent 30,685 0.46
Hedayat Amin Arsala Independent 15,506 0.23
Invalid/blank votes    
Total 6,604,546 100 7,947,527 100
Registered votes/turnout        



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